Vertically Integrated & Turnkey Contract Manufacturing Services

PEKO's Suite of Contract Manufacturing Services to Develop & Build Your Machinery & Equipment in a Seamless Process

What is Contract Manufacturing?

Contract manufacturing is the process where a company outsources its manufacturing to a third-party organization. Many small businesses, start-ups, or even large companies opt to work with a contract manufacturer since it can be far less expensive than handling the manufacturing themselves. Contract manufacturers have the skill set, experience, and sound infrastructure required to manufacture goods for other companies. They can focus their efforts on optimizing production, lowering costs, and managing the intricacies of running a fully functioning factory, which allows the outsourcing company to focus its efforts on marketing and selling its products.

Why Choose PEKO As Your Contract Manufacturing Partner?

Managing processes, ordering parts, and coordinating manufacturing duties is an exhausting and expensive process. If your company has outgrown the local fab shops, it might be time for one turnkey contract manufacturing company to completely handle your project to completion. For those program managers dealing with a handful of suppliers and frustrated with managing different deadlines, wouldn’t you want to leave that headache to one company to oversee? A contract manufacturer like PEKO does the hard work for you. Whether we’re manufacturing machinery, equipment, or instrumentation, our customers put their trust in us for both build-to-print manufacturing and product development engineering support.

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Now more than ever, a common question companies that want to produce and sell machinery, equipment, instrumentation, and other major mechanical assemblies is “How will I make my product?” The investment involved with setting up an entire manufacturing operation is an enormous barrier to making the OEM product in-house. Inevitably, “finding a contract manufacturer” is the answer for many companies. But landing on that square is just the beginning.

Contract Manufacturing Guide

Build-to-Print Manufacturing


You have a great idea or concept that you’re excited to have hit the market, but do you have the following? A factory, the proper machinery and equipment, the mechanical assembly skills, and a skilled and tenured workforce to manufacture and assemble? If you answered no to any of these, it may not make sense for you to build and manage an entire factory. This is where PEKO comes in.

With all the problems that can arise in manufacturing, leave the “dirty work” to us–a company that has had over 50 years to master the art of contract manufacturing. Our wide range of contract manufacturing capabilities gives our customers peace of mind by providing everything that they need to ensure their equipment is manufactured, tested, and shipped according to their requirements.

Vertically Integrated Build-to-Print Contract Manufacturing Services

PEKO provides build-to-print contract manufacturing services for OEMs that are looking to outsource manufacturing of their product. Some may simply be looking to relocate a legacy product to free up internal resources and refocus on their own core competencies. Others may be going into a first-time build and don’t have the necessary manufacturing resources at their disposal. Whatever the reason may be, PEKO is fully prepared to take over the management of your build, regardless of its stage in the manufacturing process. We have successfully completed hundreds of customer projects with our build-to-print contract manufacturing services.

PEKO proudly stands by our ability to provide the following in-house:

We also stand by our ability to provide contract manufacturing ancillary and complementary support services to manage all aspects of your project, including supply chain management, production readiness reviews, capacity planning, BOM management, sourcing and procurement, order management and fulfillment, packaging and logistics, and program management.

Outsourcing your entire products and assemblies to PEKO has many advantages for OEMs. OEMs who choose to work with PEKO have the luxury of spending their time and money on more important aspects of their business models. With decades of experience, PEKO plans for manufacturing obstacles before they arise, and still executes our tasks to meet our OEM’s deadlines.

Comprehensive Onboarding: Setting the Foundation for Success

As soon as we initiate a contract, we will work toward creating a successful manufacturing plan to build your machinery, equipment, and instrumentation in our state-of-the-art facilities. Our engineers will work directly with your team to understand your specifications, requirements, and end-users and to compile your existing prints, BOMs, and tribal knowledge. Once we have all the product and manufacturing knowledge identified, we develop a manufacturing process that achieves the quality, lead time, and performance that our customer desires.

Holistic Program Management From Start to Finish

We understand how critical program management is for success, which is why we provide a program manager for each program to provide a single point of contact throughout the duration of the project. Program managers, or PMs, provide leadership for each program, with access to all PEKO’s resources through senior management on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Program teams are assigned by function and are dependent upon the type of industry. This allows for the utilization of specific team members with knowledge and expertise unique to industry-specific requirements.

A Philosophy & Setting That Protects Your IP

We perform all our contract manufacturing services in a comprehensive setting that preserves and protects your intellectual property, or IP. PEKO does not have–nor do we desire to have–any products of our own and we provide NDAs for every program to protect our customer’s proprietary information.

Final Acceptance Testing That Ensures Top-Notch Results

At PEKO, we’re always working with an OEM to “define good.”  This contract manufacturing philosophy describes our ability to take a piece of sophisticated machinery or equipment, and formally agree upon all the attributes that must be satisfied before the product can be shipped. This is called factory acceptance testing, or FAT. Program stakeholders from both the OEM and CM are involved in this critical portion of the onboarding process.

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NPI & Development Engineering

New Product Development & Engineering Support

Not every design or prototype is completely ready for manufacturing, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an answer. For early-stage projects that are still in the development stages, PEKO has a dedicated state-of-the-art facility that focuses on product development engineering called the New Product Introduction, or NPI, division.

In this department, PEKO has a team of experienced and tenured engineers that are ready to take on the challenge to help you refine and optimize your design. Our engineering development capabilities focus heavily on the commercialization of a product or process, and our engineers are backed by our manufacturing and production teams, so we have the advantage over companies that solely focus on development.

Our new product introduction and product development engineering services are the steppingstone for OEMs who have a design that’s nearly complete but still need to ensure that it’s verified and production-ready. Let our team of highly skilled NPI engineers help you finalize your design and prepare it for the production stage.

Our engineers have experience in the following areas:

What’s more? This team of highly skilled NPI engineers also helps with early-stage production and design for manufacture and assembly (DFMA). They make sure that your machinery is repeatedly manufacturable and has the proper planning to ramp up production once demand increases. Establishing a design that is manufacturable–containing clearly drawn prints and instructions–is one of the advantages that set us apart from competitors.

PEKO has over 50 years of proven success with bringing designs to life once they hit production and assembly. We have completed numerous development projects across every industry that begin with product development and progress through to the commercialization and realization process.

New Product Introduction (NPI) Services    Development Engineering Assistance


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Quality Assurance & Control

Industry Certifications & Compliance

PEKO’s quality management systems are one of the most important functions within our capabilities. Our quality system is set up to satisfy and comply with a wide variety of customer and regulatory requirements. This ensures that we are qualified to work with a wide variety of customers and that we’re always adhering to the highest standards of safety and quality.

Our certifications include:

  • AS 9100:2004
  • ISO 13485:2003
  • ISO 9001:2000
  • NIST compliant
  • ITAR registered

These specific certifications provide us with the opportunity to work with many different types of OEMs while also maintaining our excellent quality standards. Our ITAR registration specifies our compliance when working with companies in the defense industry. We are also compliant with all NIST regulations and guidelines. We are surveyed and audited over 20 times per year and continue to review and improve practices to ensure world-class standards are achieved across all programs.

Nonconforming Product

PEKO utilizes a Defective Material Report, or DMR, database to record and track all “suspect” and nonconforming products identified by operators, technicians, and quality staff. Any product that does not meet our stringent standards is clearly identified with a red tag and moved to our designated controlled areas and into a DMR cage within 24 hours of identification.

All products in these areas are monitored and inventoried three times per week and a DMR Log is distributed throughout the organization. Engineering and Material Review Board, or MRB, members meet once per week to review, disposition, and determine whether any corrective action is required for the red-tagged product. Customer returns are also subject to these same controls, under our pristine quality system.

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Experience & Proven Success

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced partner who can help you with all your contract manufacturing needs, look no further than PEKO. We’ve been in the business for over 50 years and have dealt with all sorts of obstacles and challenges that can arise during the manufacturing process. Our experience has taught us to be prepared for anything, and we have backup plans in place to ensure a smooth and successful manufacturing cycle for our customers. OEMs interested in working with us can rest assured that we have the ability to take on and execute even the most “ground-breaking” projects.

We’re fully prepared to be your partner of choice when it comes time to outsource your manufacturing.

Serving a Diverse Set of Industries

PEKO has worked with some of the world’s most high-tech industries, developing an immense wealth of experience and qualifications in the process. Our experience has given us a deep understanding of the stringent regulations and quality control that each industry faces and the different challenges each might encounter throughout the product development cycle. This makes us uniquely qualified to work with businesses and products in a variety of industries.

The specific industries that we have had proven success with include:

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