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CAD Drafting for Engineering and Manufacturing

Most companies need help finalizing their CAD models during the development cycle when bringing new machinery to market. PEKO provides CAD drafting and designs as part of a comprehensive offering to develop machinery and equipment for commercialization.

PEKO’s mechanical and electrical engineering teams are skilled at CAD drafting for new machinery modeling. Our engineers work with customer engineers to make design improvements, trivial changes, or full-blown design work.

In most cases, PEKO is building the equipment, so CAD modeling is a natural and easy use of our engineering team. Our drafting services are perfect for R&D teams that are focused on perfecting their core technologies.

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What is involved in CAD Drafting?

CAD drafting often involves an engineer creating simulated models of machinery, equipment, assemblies, or even parts. High-powered computers with strong cyber security infrastructures are used to run the software, as it is very demanding on the computer.  The CAD models are configured with dimensional attributes, functional attributes, geometry, and more.

In some cases, a BOM is generated in the model for future export and revision control. Sometimes, the design is created in the CAD system from scratch, taking hundreds of hours and many revisions. Other times, the customer has a model that exists, and PEKO engineers have to update it according to changes made and optimize it for manufacturability.

In any case, our team of CAD drafters will work extensively with your team to understand exactly what you need and gather all the information necessary for the drafting process.

What CAD software is used at PEKO?

Dozens of popular software platforms exist on the market for CAD drafting.  There are pros and cons to each of them.  We use the most popular software programs here at PEKO, including the following:

  • Solidworks
  • Creo Paramatric
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • AutoCAD (for schematics and controls)

This covers most of the common software platforms.

Why is CAD modeling so important?

CAD models are essential for many manufacturing processes. Furthermore, they are helpful in creating high-quality product prototypes, conceptualizing design iterations, and calculating the volume and weight of materials needed.

We believe that having an engineer that is strong in CAD software can speed the drafting process considerably. This is one of the many reasons why you can trust PEKO to provide you with the exact results you are looking for and a team of experts to assist you through the entire drafting process.

For more information about how PEKO can help your development project with our CAD drafting and CAD design services, click below to request a quote.

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