Industrial Power Supply Integration

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Looking to outfit your industrial machinery with a reliable power supply? Look no further than PEKO. We can provide you with power supply integration that is tailored to your specific needs – from prototype to production scale manufacturing phases.

With our years of experience and manufacturing infrastructure, PEKO has all the tools and processes necessary for integrating power supplies into your hardware.

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What Are Industrial Power Supplies?

A power supply is a device that provides electrical power to a circuit. In some cases, a power supply may be used to provide power to different loads. Industrial power supplies are among the most commonly used types of power supplies because they convert high voltage, low amperage input into lower voltage, higher amperage outputs for powering machinery. Industrial type power supplies are rated by the number of amps they convert on an output basis at their respective voltages.

Types of Industrial Power Supplies

Industrial power supplies are typically manufactured in three standard styles: unregulated, switching, and regulated (or “constant”).

  • Unregulated power supplies provide DC voltage to a circuit where no regulation is needed or desired. This type of power supply is the cheapest, but it’s not very efficient, especially when running motors and the like. It’s also not particularly good for powering DC devices, especially with voltage drops and noise problems.
  • Switching power supplies use a transistor switch to regulate current flow through an inductive load (like a motor). This type of power supply is inherently more efficient than either of the other styles – but they are expensive to manufacture and require sophisticated control circuits to keep them from overheating or failing in some manner when supplying variable loads.
  • Finally, there is a regulated power supply that has an output that remains relatively constant over a range of load conditions and input voltage changes within certain limits or boundaries.


Power Supply Integration at PEKO

PEKO has installed, tested, troubleshot, and succeeded with integrating power supplies in tens of thousands of installations. When we design your product, we will give you our recommendations for which type and how many industrial power supplies we recommend using in your system.

If you’ve already spec’d out the make and model, we will order per your spec and integrate accordingly. Some examples of brands we have experience with include but are not limited to Delta, Allen Bradley, Phoenix Contact, Puls Power, and more.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our industrial power supplies integration capabilities for your machinery or equipment.

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