PEKO Precision Products is a leading contract manufacturing company based in Rochester, New York. Since its founding as a small tool and die shop in 1966, PEKO has evolved into a powerhouse capable of delivering end-to-end solutions that defy the limits of traditional contract manufacturing, amassing an unrivaled pool of resources and capabilities across all its operations over time.

Today, PEKO’s expertise caters to the needs of world-class OEMs and innovative SMBs, helping them develop and manufacture complex electromechanical machinery, equipment, sub-systems, and assemblies for the most critical industry applications. Our vertically integrated manufacturing operations and engineering capabilities, combined with our Quality Management System, provide us with a flexible toolkit to meet the unique needs of each customer (or project).

We operate on an advanced manufacturing campus that boasts over 400,000 square feet of space across 9 state-of-the-art facilities, with dedicated areas for CNC machining, sheet metal, welding, powder coat, paint, electrical, cleanroom assembly, and more.

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However, what truly sets us apart is our New Product Introduction (NPI) Group, which brings unparalleled engineering expertise to every project we undertake and enables us to tackle even the most complex manufacturing challenges.

This distinct combination of manufacturing scale and engineering horsepower enables us to meet the unique needs of each customer, whether that’s creating one-off prototypes or test units, or handling full-scale production projects, providing a seamless experience throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Visit our facilities page for a comprehensive depiction of equipment and capabilities available at PEKO Precision Products.

Our Mission

To develop tomorrow’s technology with industry leaders and progressive partners to profitably manufacture today’s products in a global economy.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted contract manufacturing partner for industry leaders.

Industry Awards

The 10 Best Industrial Machinery Companies to Watch 2022     MedTech 2022 Bio/Med Industry Pioneer Award     Silicon Review 2021 30 Most Reputable Companies of the Year Award

The CEOViews 2022 Top 10 Most Innovative Brands of the Year Award     Insights Success' 10 Most Promising Contract Manufacturing Companies 2021 Award     Manufacturing Technology Insights Top Defense Manufacturing Consulting/Service Companies 2020 Award

BAE Systems Partner 2 Win Award


Why Choose PEKO?

Debt-Free Advantage

As a debt-free company running a three-shift operation, we have the advantage of purchasing space, machinery, tools, and additional staff at a moment’s notice and the flexibility to meet all our customer demands without fearing any potential encumbrances that can arise within the manufacturing industry. This has proven beneficial in the world of manufacturing as we bring new customers under our wing and allow current customers to ramp up their projects at a moment’s notice.

Dedicated Employee Base

At PEKO, we constantly invest and re-invest in the success of our employees and their futures and are certain that we have brought together some of the most trained and best minds in the industry. And our philosophy for our employees’ transposes into the relationships that we have with our customers as well.

Partnership Mentality

The vast majority of our customer base functions as a “partnership” relationship through the product development and contract manufacturing stages as we engage in long-term commitments, building a foundation of trust and confidence with each one.

Vertically Integrated Expertise

PEKO provides a full range of equipment manufacturing solutions including vertically integrated electromechanical contract manufacturing. PEKO can provide a range of manufacturing services, including systems integration and turnkey assemblies.

Continuous Improvement

PEKO also internally employs technology to construct state-of-the-art contract manufacturing services for our top-level programs, which include capital equipment. This internal process consists of continually monitoring available construction and design techniques and conducting competitive bench-marking efforts to maintain our world-class standing in electromechanical contract manufacturing capabilities.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, commitment to quality, and ability to solve complex manufacturing challenges. Our entire PEKO team including our creative engineering and skilled trade personnel is ready to collaborate on productive solutions while continually investing in progressive industrial and technology tools and equipment. Let us show you how we manage successful business partnerships in today’s fast-paced global marketplace through a commitment to technology, innovation, and most of all, our customers!

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