BOM managementBOM management is a critical part of the new product development process. Your bill of materials holds all the ingredients and organization that make up the machinery, equipment, or product, and is used for everything from sourcing to engineering and production.

Because engineers and manufacturers rely so heavily on this document, an accurate BOM is absolutely critical to your project’s success. But with the increasing complexity of equipment and technology, effective BOM management has become a growing concern for new product development teams.

Some challenges we see often are BOMs that are not complete, not accurate for sourcing, or not up to date with the latest revisions. All these problems can cause major issues when it comes time to build your machine.

What is a Bill of Materials?

A bill of materials (BOM) is a comprehensive list of all the subassemblies, components, and other parts and materials associated with a piece of machinery or equipment. Generally, this bill of materials includes information on part numbers, revision numbers, suppliers, and quantities needed to manufacture the finished product.

BOM Validation & Analysis Capabilities

PEKO is well-versed in BOM validation and verification and can analyze customers BOMs and identify alternative options and sources that can help reduce costs, shorten lead times, and eliminate manufacturing disruptions. Furthermore, PEKO can implement your BOM in a way that ensures that they are accurate, current, complete, clear, and actionable.

BOM management at PEKO starts with an in-depth analysis and review of your existing bill of materials for any inconsistencies, errors, or potential risks. Our team of value engineers will then work in tandem with your team to refine and update the BOM and validate the design for production.

Finally, we will provide you with a complete and accurate indented bill of materials in the format of an intuitive tree structure that helps roll the parts into the sub-assemblies and higher level assemblies (HLA). Not only will we save you time, money, and the stress involved in sourcing and finding the right components, but also help you plan production and communicate demand.

BOM Management in Contract Manufacturing

When a new customer arrives at PEKO, you can rest assured that we are fully prepared with a team of engineering and manufacturing experts to help scrub, validate, and finalize your BOM, getting it where it needs to be in order to be successful. Contact us to learn more.

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