Precision Component Manufacturing

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Precision Component Manufacturing

Over the past 55 years, PEKO has amassed a fleet of over 100 CNC machines for both CNC machining and Sheet Metal Fabrication.  This important feature is paramount to our customers, whose Contract Manufacturing programs typically require the high Quality component parts integrated into their equipment.  Unlike other CM’s, PEKO’s vertical integration of components has allowed customers to flourish, as their parts are tightly controlled by PEKO’s manufacturing systems.  By working with PEKO for products with integrated or stand alone components, you will see:

  • Highly complex manufactured components produced correctly
  • Perfect fitment into higher level assemblies
  • Lead times protected due to internal Quality functions
  • Large parts manufacturing handled by our proprietary manufacturing systems
  • Critical tolerances and specifications manufactured at the component level

Contact PEKO today and get a CM that will build your precision CNC Machined and Sheet Metal fabricated components before integrating them into the higher assembly, right here in the USA.

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