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As part of our contract assembly services, PEKO has a range of electrical assembly and control system integration capabilities to support your industrial machinery manufacturing needs.

Our skilled technicians can integrate any electrical component common to industrial machinery and equipment, including control panels, sensors, vision systems, HMIs, PLCs, cables, industrial power suppliesmotion control systems, and more.

All electrical components are purchased and integrated into customer hardware in-house at our manufacturing campus in Rochester NY. We control the supply chain to make sure COTS and custom parts arrive at the assembly area on time.

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Box Build Assembly & System Integration

Our Processes

Our electrical assembly team are experts in field wiring and have integrated electrical connections into thousands of machines.

We are knowledgeable in a variety of popular wired assembly processes, including:

  • Frame Wiring — Managing and routing electrical wires through the frame construction, from back panels to sensors.
  • Cable Harness Assembly — Manufacturing of custom wire harnesses and cable assemblies with automated processes. We can build-to-print from your electrical schematics or ours.
  • Back Panel Assembly — Integrating electrical components and wiring into back panels.
  • Point-to-Point Wiring — Connecting wires from individual connection points in the panel to corresponding devices inside the machine for a fully functioning integration. Bringing your wire schematics to life. Also known as hardwiring.
  • Soldering & Brazing — Creating solder and brazed joints, where specified, to produce strong and reliable electrical connections.
  • HMI & Sensor Integration — Integrating human machine interface (HMI) and various sensors into final assembly to ensure proper communication.
  • Testing — Custom testing of the individual system components and the final completed system to verify the product conforms to electrical safety requirements and to ensure it functions how it was intended to perform.
  • Built-In ESD Protection — Implementation of electronic static discharge (ESD) protection and control measures, as per spec.

We are constantly making improvements to our electrical department as we continue to expand and reinvest in our organization.

Electrical and Controls Applications and Products

Our electrical assembly technicians can work with all the applications and products below. These are just a sample of the types of products we’ve completed.

  • Industrial control cabinets
  • Motor assembly
  • Electrical control assembly
  • Busbar assembly
  • Back panels
  • Industrial electrical panels
  • PLC integrations
  • HMI systems

Machinery and equipment range in size, shape, function, industry, and robustness.

If you’re in need of high-quality electrical assembly, look no further than PEKO! We can wire and inspect machinery and equipment for a variety of industries, such as medical, semiconductor, defense, renewable energy, and more.

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