Contract assembly and integration of industrial printing unit

Contract assembly and subassembly manufacturing play a key role in our end-to-end contract manufacturing service. This important functional area specializes in assembling turnkey electromechanical systems, complex high-level assemblies, and precision subassemblies that require difficult-to-produce geometries, close-tolerance designs, and complex connections and interactions.

  • Precision assembly and subassembly manufacturing
  • Difficult geometries and close-tolerance designs
  • Mechanical, electrical, and software components
  • High-mix, low- to medium-volume environment
  • Onboarding, preparation, refinement, and optimization
  • Program management and single-source accountability

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Assembling the Most Complex Assemblies

PEKO is one of the world’s best assembly providers, producing thousands of complex assemblies for an array of industry-leading OEMs each year. These products typically operate within some of the world’s most sophisticated equipment and cutting-edge technologies. We maintain three state-of-the-art assembly facilities with over 200,000 sq ft of dedicated space and have an expansive repository of advanced assembly equipment to facilitate nearly any assembly process. All assembly areas are equipped with jib cranes and ergonomic lift-assist devices to accommodate the assembly of large and/or heavy products.

Our build-to-print assembly and subassembly manufacturing is configurable to each customer’s specific needs and supports both consignment and turnkey assembly of products with anticipated annual demand of 10s to 1000s of units. Finished, lower-level assemblies are typically part of a larger program and are transferred to our systems integration team for later implementation into complete, functional higher-level assemblies and top-level systems. We can also ship completed assemblies to your final integration point, depending on your specific needs.

When you choose our full-service offering, we can work together to implement a manufacturing agreement that caters to your project and provides you with the greatest possible value. Our vertical integration offers in-house CNC machiningcustom sheet metal fabricationmanufacturing engineeringpainting, and inspection capabilities to provide everything your assembly needs under one roof. Coupled with our procurementsupply chain managementcapacity planning, and program management, our full-service assembly helps customers realize drastic reductions in lead time, overhead cost, and vendors.

Final Assembly Preparation: Optimizing Your Build

At PEKO, all our customers go through an initial onboarding process to refine, optimize, and ensure the repeatability of their assemblies and subassemblies, regardless of design maturity. During this process, our engineers review your documentation, including bills of materialsCAD models, and detailed drawings, for any possible cost-down opportunities, DFMA ideas, supply chain issues, and lead time concerns. Once all issues and bottlenecks have been addressed, we make sure that all processes are well-defined, documented, and verified to ensure that your product is designed around your critical parameters and volume case and assembled perfectly for each and every build.

Flexible Assembly Manufacturing Cells

All mechanical and electro-mechanical assemblies are completed in one of our three state-of-the-art assembly buildings. In these areas, we use lean manufacturing concepts to create customized assembly work cells and establish cost-effective processes that are tailored to each program’s unique assembly manufacturing, test, configuration, and packaging requirements, including jigs, fixtures, custom tools, and associated work instructions. This setup ensures consistent, repeatable steady-state production, allowing our teams to reproduce your product with perfect accuracy and achieve your cost, quality, and delivery objectives. This, coupled with a robust quality management system ensures efficient, high-quality production. Depending on your individual requirements, these assembly cells can be set up on the production assembly floor or in a highly controlled clean room assembly area. Additionally, all our assembly areas are equipped with jib cranes to accommodate the assembly of large and/or heavy products.

Competent Subassembly Manufacturing Teams

Each assembly cell is assigned a dedicated program manager and a team of qualified assembly technicians who work closely with customers to understand their needs and application requirements. These teams are knowledgeable in the latest assembly techniques and can apply a variety of emerging technologies to assemble products that meet or exceed customer expectations. Their close collaboration with our planning and purchasing staff ensures that all necessary components arrive at the assembly line on time and within specifications. Furthermore, a quality engineer assigned quality engineer will ensure that our QMS properly supports the project’s quality requirements. This comprehensive project approach has proven successful time and time again, allowing us to deliver the capacity, resources, and flexibility that OEMs expect from a low-to-medium-volume/high-mix manufacturing partner.


Specialized Assembly Manufacturing Services

As a leading contract assembly and subassembly manufacturing company, we offer a range of specialized assembly services, including electrical assembly, clean room assembly, and prototype assembly.

Electrical Assembly

We are proficient in electrical assembly. Our experienced electromechanical assemblers are capable of assembling and integrating electrical subsystems into a variety of applications, from small projects with a few components to large-scale operations involving many intricate parts.

Clean Room Assembly

PEKO maintains over 6,000 square feet of clean room assembly space that operates at class 10,000 ISO 6 or better standards. This service is available on a per-contract basis for customers who require assembly in a controlled environment free of airborne particles during the final phases of their manufacturing process, like those in the semiconductor, medical, and life science industries.

Prototype Assembly

We also offer prototype assembly for new designs and builds as part of our NPI division. Our assembly prototyping services allow us to evaluate product designs and identify potential problems to correct before transitioning an assembly to full-scale production, paving the way for its success.

PEKO’s contract assembly and subassembly manufacturing services make for a highly versatile end-to-end solution for your new machinery, equipment, hardware, and technology. Whatever your technology and requirements may be, we have the capacity, equipment, staff, and processes to handle the job. From simple subsystems to highly-complex electromechanical equipment with hundreds of parts, you can count on PEKO to manufacture, assemble, and deliver your complete, fully-tested assemblies where you need them and when you need them.

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