Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

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After final assembly, PEKO will perform the last inspection, also called a Factory Acceptance Test or FAT, to ensure ultimate quality before leaving the plant. The Factory Acceptance Test is a final testing and acceptance plan that lays out the very specific procedures and expected results for testing a piece of machinery or equipment so that it may be deemed acceptable before shipment. This critical function of manufacturing sets the standard for the customer to ensure shipped product is fully functional before it makes it ways to the final user.

Establishing factory acceptance testing criteria early on in the project is critical to allow clear goals to be established and met. PEKO will collaborate with the customer to develop comprehensive final tests and acceptance procedures that will be administered on the design, components, subassemblies, and the final completed units. It is a quality management infrastructure that is second to none.

For complex products with intricate testing requirements, contact PEKO. Our contract manufacturing services are supported by an engineering team that specializes in final test procedures.

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