Final Testing & Acceptance Plans

After assembly and integration commence, we perform final factory acceptance testing, or FAT, on the build’s design, components, subassemblies, and the final completed units to define what is “good” and ensure the utmost quality before leaving our facility. These comprehensive final tests and acceptance procedures are developed in collaboration with our customers and are established early on during the onboarding process to allow clear goals to be established and met throughout the duration of the program. This final inspection is one of the most important functions within our capabilities. It is a quality management infrastructure that is second to none.

What is Factory Acceptance Testing?

A factory acceptance test is a final testing and acceptance plan that lays out the very specific procedures and expected results for testing a piece of machinery or equipment so that it may be deemed acceptable before shipment. These plans might involve running a specified number of cycles and measuring the output against some range of expectations, measuring features, and checking electrical connections, buttons, and sensors. This critical activity is the last step in the machinery manufacturing process and sets the standard for the customer to ensure the product is fully functional before it’s shipped.

Defining & Executing Acceptance Tests

At PEKO, we define and execute detailed acceptance criteria on a daily basis. Factory acceptance testing plans are customized for each program to reflect the intricacies of the machine in concern. The involved test procedures are mutually developed with our customers so that testing can take place exactly how they expect.

Quality performance metrics are then determined by senior management and are identified within each quality manual process map. Dependent on the process and pre-determined intervals (i.e. quarterly, monthly), process owners collect this data and forward completed reports to the management representative for review by senior management team members during monthly management reviews.

All testing and acceptance are performed per a documented procedure with all data and measurements clearly defined for acceptable levels. We also design and construct test fixtures/systems to perform test requirements. All test stations/fixtures are subjected to a test validation matrix periodically (depending on the program) to “test the tester” insuring proper performance levels are met.

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