PEKO is a risk-mitigated, financially independent company that passes this security onto our customers. PEKO does not have–nor do we desire to have–any products of our own and we provide NDAs for every program to protect our customer’s proprietary information. Not only does PEKO provide you with a signed NDA, but we also deliver our capabilities in a comprehensive setting that protects and preserves YOUR intellectual property. This allows our customers to protect intellectual property, or IP, that’s produced at PEKO.

How We Provide IP Protection

Location & Supply Chain

Unlike a lot of contract manufacturers, we do not have any Asian operations that can be highly susceptible to IP theft. Our customers not only have peace of mind knowing that they are working with a proud, American-based company that operates strictly within the USA, but they also don’t fear the many cons that can come with offshoring manufacturing. Our vertical integration allows us to do a large amount of work in-house, resulting in far fewer people viewing your sensitive, proprietary information.

Regulatory Compliance

Because we work heavily in the defense industry and are ITAR certified, our strict rules and guidelines add reassurance to OEMs who are considering PEKO for the assembly of their instrumentation.

Guarded & Secure Facilities

PEKO also takes extra internal IP protection measures to protect proprietary information from within our facilities. Depending on the level of security needed to keep your information protected, we can even offer secured assembly areas that are closed off and separate from the rest of our assembly space. We have a strict photography policy in place, and all facility entrances are restricted via card entry for employees only, while visitors are required to sign in and out with our main receptionist. Visitors are designated a bright yellow lanyard so that they can be easily identified while inside our buildings and are prohibited from taking any photos. Even when a shipment arrives, truck drivers cannot enter our facilities and must wait until our shipping and receiving personnel can assist with unloading our shipments.

Information Technology

Furthermore, all PEKO employees are required to take a cyber-security training course each year, which is led by our IT department and coincides with a written test. In this training, employees are briefed on the importance of keeping information safe and best practices when it comes to email and sharing of information. Our IT department is confident in the security of our server and can limit employee access to information that needs additional security.

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