CNC Machining of Complex Parts

For decades, PEKO has mastered the ability to perform CNC machining of highly complex component parts that are used to build our assemblies and sub-assemblies. Managing our own CNC machining processes in-house has paved the way for our evolution as a contract manufacturing company. PEKO continues to differentiate from traditional machine shops in our ability to machine hard-to-make parts.

Small Machined Parts   Large Machined Parts


In-House Machining Capacity

PEKO’s CNC mill and lathe machines are scattered throughout three of our six facilities. We have 25 CNC machines with work envelopes under 25 inches dedicated to small CNC machined parts, as well as 29 machines with work envelopes over 40” that support large CNC machined parts. In the contract machining industry, you won’t find many competitors with this range of CNC machining capabilities.

We continue to reinvest in the machines on our floor and have recently added new and larger machines to our operations to ensure that our lead time is as quick as possible when it comes to manufacturing and assembling highly complex parts for our major mechanical assemblies. Feeding our contract manufacturing needs, typical volumes range from prototype quantities to dozens per batch.

  • Difficult Geometric Tolerances
  • Strict Quality Requirements
  • Large Overall Dimensions
  • Tight Process Control

Since all these attributes are managed in-house by PEKO, we are confident in our ability to execute these demanding parts, every time. Combined with our robust quality system, manufacturing engineering, and program management, PEKO is a strong force for repetitive build of tight tolerance and intricate feature parts. We invite a challenge on those nasty parts that traditional shops can’t seem to get right when building a major mechanical assembly for OEMs.

For more information on our CNC machining capabilities, please visit our precision parts page.

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