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PEKO is a leading contract manufacturer that provides full-service engineering, manufacturing, assembly, and integration solutions for OEMs of innovative green energy equipment and technologies. We offer support in the areas of engineering development, design for manufacturability and assembly, new product introduction, and full-scale manufacturing of fully integrated systems in volumes of tens to thousands per year. With teams of highly skilled mechanical engineers and certified electricians, we are well-equipped to handle high voltage applications and comply with various electrical safety requirements, like IP-620, UL, and CE. We also have a dedicated supply chain team that works closely with key sector commodities to ensure efficient production and timely delivery.

Renewable Energy Contract Manufacturing Guide

Trying to figure out how your company will make your renewable energy equipment or machinery can be a seamless process if you work with a qualified Contract Manufacturer. In this free guide, we offer tips on what to look for when you begin your search for a contract manufacturer to be the right fit for you and your company.

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New Product Introduction

Commercializing new equipment products in the green energy space takes engineering time effort and experience.  This process takes many iterations and our New Product Introduction (NPI) group will walk with you the entire way. This is a critical resource that cannot be overlooked when commercializing hardware. If you’re researching a potential contract manufacturer for a new hardware product, make sure there is an NPI team to help with early-stage engineering efforts. PEKO’s team of NPI engineers and technicians will help fill the gaps of early-stage manufacturing in preparation for scaled-up manufacturing volumes.

Our NPI engineering team will make onboarding your hardware to PEKO easy with a variety of services:

Development Engineering

Our New Product Engineering team brings with it a host of development engineering capabilities.  This team of mechanical and electrical control engineers is perfectly suited to work with green energy equipment designs that are high in mechanical and electrical content. Whether you’ve already started a CAD model or are working directly from a spec, the design team at PEKO focuses on your critical parameters for proper functional performance to prepare it for its next product lifecycle stage. With 40 engineers on staff driving the effort, PEKO brings green energy hardware designs to life. A rich suite of design resources perfectly complements our world-class contract manufacturing capabilities.

Prototype Development

Once a proof of concept prototype is established, we will help you determine if your equipment is “functioning as intended”. During this phase of the commercialization process, we will help you produce a small number of prototype units in order to understand the physical fit, form, and function of the hardware and mitigate design risks. PEKO’s engineering team employs a host of prototyping methods to bring your design to life for the first time. Our engineering team oversees the first build with experienced toolmakers and technicians. This allows them to get instant feedback and update the design and prototypes in preparation for the pilot builds. The OEM is typically working very close during this phase and providing their own feedback with each iterative lesson learned. The prototypes typically won’t include all aesthetic/cosmetic features like the equipment would in its final form, but they will strongly parallel the function. It is during this stage that we will begin to understand whether your design is really meeting its requirements. For Renewable Energy OEMs, we are typically looking at things like usability, efficiency, safety, and failure modes.

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Pre-Production & Pilot Builds

The pilot and pre-production phases of hardware manufacturing are usually of huge interest to Renewable Energy OEMs. This stage of the process allows both the Contract Manufacturer and the OEM to truly understand how the adjustments from the prototype phase will be transferred to the production process. The goal is to bridge the full-scale manufacturing phase with the hardware design. Manufacturing layouts, quality documentation, regulatory, training, tooling, fixtures, and other production readiness tasks are incorporated at this time. By taking time and effort to complete this phase, OEMs in the Alternative Energy Hardware sector typically see higher quality products and shorter assembly times in production.  

Some important highlights of a high-quality pilot production run are

  • Small scale
  • Reversible
  • Flexible
  • Simulate-able
  • Sets priorities
  • Defines parameters
  • Sharpens cycle times
  • Implement QMS
  • Reveals unforeseen problems
  • Regulatory Compliance

Putting your product through pilot runs will drive success in launching full-scale manufacturing and PEKO’s team of professionals will guide you through this process.

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Scaled Manufacturing

For most Clean Tech companies, production manufacturing is the end game for a product line. PEKO specializes in full-service contract manufacturing of machinery, equipment, and hardware. Depending on project size and scope, our production volumes for Green Energy equipment are dozens, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of units per year. With proper preparation, PEKO will set up a customized assembly line for your product. Our manufacturing experts will optimize dedicated custom layouts, review the supply chain, create quality control plans, and more. You’ll be assigned a dedicated program manager to oversee the cost, quality, and delivery of your products. Testing and order fulfillment is handled by PEKO to ensure the product is shipped according to your specifications. Our extensive experience in energy technology manufacturing allows us to bring your renewable energy systems to market seamlessly.

Fuel Cell Power Generation

Stationary fuel cell power generation is becoming an increasingly viable clean energy source. The electrochemical reaction provides clean, efficient, and reliable power off-grid. Companies all over the USA and the rest of the world have been adopting this technology with an estimated CAGR of 12%.

These systems are comprised of a fuel cell stack and the balance of plant. The balance of plant consists of things like pumps, sensors, heat exchangers, gaskets, compressors, recirculation blowers, or humidifiers, all of which are packaged into shipping containers, custom enclosures, or other innovative fuel cell packaging techniques that will stand up to the various environmental conditions in which they will be placed.

If you have a new fuel cell technology, you can work with PEKO to integrate stacks into your balance of plant design. We have engineers and manufacturing personnel to prototype and scale renewable energy systems. Your team can utilize our energy technology manufacturing capabilities to commercialize your fuel cell equipment, including…

Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

Energy storage systems (ESS) are perfect for demand fluctuations throughout the day and are a major breakthrough in electricity distribution. Paired with renewable energy sources, energy storage systems are a major driver in clean energy acceptance, making power smooth and dispatchable. Some benefits to energy storage systems are the stability of the grid, decreased carbon emissions, increased economic value of renewable sources, and job creation.

New types of energy storage systems are being invented every day. Some promising energy technologies include:

  • Rechargeable Battery Platforms
  • Redox Flow Batteries
  • Flywheel Energy Storage
  • Compressed Air Energy Storage
  • Thermal Energy Storage
  • Pumped Hydroelectric Storage

Manufacturing these systems usually requires a great deal of capital equipment due to their size and volume scale. Moreso, product development and new product introduction techniques are typically key to success. Luckily, for Energy Storage System OEMs, PEKO has the capabilities to provide energy technology manufacturing all under one roof.

Solar & Photovoltaic

Solar cells, or photovoltaic cells, are a fundamental green energy source. The semiconductor-type material used in the PV cells absorbs the light’s energy and transfers it to electrons. Silicon is the most common type of material used in photovoltaic cells. Silicon solar cells are known for durability, efficiency, and low cost. Roughly 95% of solar cells are made from silicon, but up-and-coming technologies also include thin film PV, Perovskite PV, Organic PV, and quantum dots. Manufacturing the cells to the desired quality, repeatability, and efficiency ratings is the heart of successful solar cell manufacturing. Luckily, we provide turnkey energy technology manufacturing solutions that will help you build the highest quality solar photovoltaic equipment possible.

Wind Energy Systems

Wind energy is created by harnessing the force of the wind and transferring it to electrical energy. Wind turbines in various shapes, forms, and placements are the source that is capturing the wind and turning it into rotational mechanical energy. A rotor spins the generator to create the electrical energy produced by the wind. Both horizontal and vertical axis wind turbines can create wind power, depending on the application.

Speaking of application, where can wind energy be harnessed? The most common application of wind energy is threefold. The first is land-based, such as the wind turbines that most of us are accustomed to seeing in large wind farms or mountain ranges. The second is off-shore wind, which is harnessed using ocean winds with enormous wind turbines at sea. And finally, distributed wind energy is usually produced on-site with smaller turbines at a customer site.

Wind energy is estimated to be 20% of all US energy by 2030, according to the US Department of Energy. But the production of wind energy equipment has challenges due to its size, scale, and the balancing required. Turnkey contract manufacturers of wind energy systems, like PEKO, understand and respect the physics constraints of these energy technologies. Let PEKO help with commercializing your wind energy equipment. We are experts in energy technology manufacturing and can help with all aspects from development engineering to production manufacturing.

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