8 Questions to Ask Before Selecting A Sheet Metal & Welding Fabricator

How do you know if a contract manufacturer can really deliver when it comes to welding? Download this guide for answers to 8 critical questions to ask sheet metal and welding fabricators.

Precision Welding

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Precision Welding Services from PEKO

When it comes to precision welding, you won’t find anyone more experienced and capable than the team at PEKO. We are capable of a variety of welding techniques, including MIG/ARC welding, TIG welding, resistance/spot welding, robotic welding, brazing, and soldering. Our team of 16 welders, alongside our two certified welding inspectors and various certified procedure specifications, are more than capable of meeting and exceeding all of your welding needs.

  • A dedicated 10,000 sq. ft. precision welding facility with 15+ weld stations
  • Over a dozen welders certified to various AWS standards (and some ASME)
  • Over 140 WPS to support a wide range of materials, types, and positions
  • Certified welding inspection, including two on-site CWIs and a portable CMM
  • Modular welding tables for building custom fixturing and staging weldments

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Tackle Even Your Most Large, Complex Projects

Thanks to our advanced welding equipment and material handling capabilities, we can tackle even the most large, complex, and challenging projects. We are well-equipped to fabricate welded frames, cabinets, enclosures, and other precision welded assemblies that deliver outstanding results for a diverse set of critical industry applications.

Achieve High-Quality Welds Every Time

Our AWS-certified welders have the skills to handle the most exacting tolerances with an advanced level of quality and expertise. We employ two in-house certified welding inspectors and multiple certified procedure specifications. We also have an in-house quality department that oversees our welding processes to ensure that all weldments are inspected to meet the highest standard prior to assembly.

Leverage Our Dedicated Precision Welding Facility

We have dedicated an entire building on our expansive manufacturing campus to house our precision welding operations. This facility provides us with the capacity to test and certify new welders as we onboard them into our team and helps us ensure that your welding projects get the level of attention they deserve by equipping us with the right tools.

Precision Welding Techniques You Can Trust

With TIG, MIG, Spot, and Robotic welding techniques at our disposal, we can help you achieve all of your precision welding requirements. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will work with you every step of the way to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

  • TIG Welding: TIG welding ensures the highest degree of precision by using a tungsten electrode to join one metal surface to another. This metal-bonding process for heavy metals relies on an ongoing wire feed and is perfect for customers wanting to ensure a seamless finish.
  • MIG Welding: MIG welding is the perfect solution when sending an electrode through a tool gun and applying it to corresponding metal surfaces to form a workpiece. Our metal-bonding and metal-shaping process relies on rods that are directed straight into the weld puddle for a strong, expert finish.
  • Spot Welding: For lightweight metals, our spot welding process offers excellent production rates and consistency. This automated process heats contact points/spots to fuse adjacent materials and is the preferred method for any customer needing to achieve the best results in a timely manner.
  • Robotic Welding: For customers needing high-volume weldment jobs, our robotic welding method offers superior output and can guarantee maximum precision. This process provides better consistency, precision, and throughput than any alternative and is the perfect solution for any demanding job. See our robotic welder in action!

With PEKO’s precision welding service, your metalwork will be precisely and accurately joined, ensuring that each weldment is delivered with the strength and consistency that you need. And don’t forget that our welding services are also available with our sheet metal fabrication, powder coating, and other metalworking services.

Don’t waste your time anywhere else! Get that reliable quality from the expert welders at PEKO. Contact us today to discuss the details of your next project.

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