Supply Chain Management for Contract Manufacturing

Choosing PEKO as your Contract Manufacturing partner gives you access to our Supply Chain team.  Often overlooked, having an experienced supply chain is very important to running a contract manufacturing program.  Whether it’s a single CNC machined part, or a thousand line BOM for a complex machinery series, PEKO supply chain can manage the task.  PEKO’s integrated supply chain team is beneficial for your Program because it:

  • Reacts to material fluctuations
  • Leverages material buys for lower pricing
  • Identifies long lead items to ensure build schedule performance
  • Relieves customer supply chain from low-level purchases tasks
  • Ensures BOM items are current and available
  • Expedites orders based on your fluctuating demand

PEKO’s supply chain team is important to your program because it lets your team focus on its core competency.

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