Semiconductor Contract Manufacturing

Product Showcase

Semiconductor Manufacturing

The semiconductor industry and its high level of complexity have pushed PEKO to be a beacon in the industry. Our systems engineering and machinery manufacturing services are a perfect fit for these types of parts that require the utmost attention to detail. Clean room assembly, ultrasonic cleaning, and black light inspection are just some of the ways PEKO has adapted to manufacture semiconductor equipment, assemblies, and components with superior quality.

Contract Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management

  • Light source assemblies
  • Motion control systems
  • Machined castings of critical head assemblies
  • Ultrasonic-cleaned precision components
  • Clean room critical mechanical assemblies

Semiconductor Product Development & Prototyping

  • Functional testing units
  • Assembly cost-down initiatives
  • Welded frame design and prototype

Example Customers

  • $6.5B Global Lithography Equipment Manufacturer
  • Light Source Equipment Manufacturer
  • Leading Vacuum & Leak Detection Machine Manufacturer