Cognitive Testing Equipment


Current methods for detecting cognitive decline are dated and ineffective, and the need for new proactive screening solutions to detect early signs of cognitive decline cannot be understated.

Backed by 15 years of research, an early-stage neurotechnology startup had developed a first-of-its-kind computerized cognitive assessment platform to address these challenges.

The Company’s initial aesthetically pleasing prototype design was not conducive to large-scale production manufacturing. Additionally, forecasting for the new product was proving to be a challenge.

With little manufacturing experience and some commercial constraints, the startup needed to find a contract manufacturing partner with engineering and product development experience that was capable of developing a cost-effective production solution.


After learning about PEKO through our relationship with an entrepreneur incubator, the Startup partnered with us to refine and build their new neurotechnology. Brought in during the early prototype phase, PEKO was challenged to balance cost and function with a visually appealing product.

PEKO’s historical experience with medical device product development facilitated engineering guidance and fabrication recommendations. PEKO’s mechanical and manufacturing engineers took a design-for-manufacturability approach and were able to make various recommendations for cost-effective and scalable design solutions.

Top-of-the-line sheet metal design and fabrication capabilities allowed PEKO to provide a functional yet cost-effective design solution that satisfied all the Customer’s requirements for their revolutionary cognitive testing equipment.

Once their design was ready, it was easy to transition into production. Although forecasting proved to be difficult for the new product, PEKO was able to develop a design for the product which allows for further production optimization as volumes increase to the expected levels. This permitted PEKO to accommodate production peaks while remaining flexible through time periods of reduced production demand.

The balanced partnership between PEKO’s procurement team and the customer’s relation with vendors allowed for a cost-effective decision to consign components to PEKO for the production builds. And due to its self-funded, privately-held financial structure, PEKO was able to work with the start-up to develop a fair and flexible payment structure, to accommodate both parties.


The electromechanical medical device was a great fit for PEKO’s 50 years of engineering and manufacturing experience.

Through close collaboration with the Customer, PEKO was able to design and manufacture a cost-effective cognitive assessment platform without having to compromise the “look and feel” of the original prototype design. These units meet all functional, aesthetic, and regulatory (FDA) requirements and is clearly identified with their brand’s vision.

The Customer is able to sell this cost-effective unit while utilizing alternative production methods to meet the initial lower volume demand. PEKO invested in additional capital as sales and production increased to expected levels so that the Customer could continue to ramp up production without large amounts of capital investment.

PEKO’s versatile capabilities allowed the startup this flexibility, to make the most effective business decision, while simultaneously laying the foundation for future production.

The deployment of the innovative neurotechnology has revolutionized the cognitive testing landscape.

The initial prototypes of these new designs were installed in a world-renowned medical facility, and the Company has since sold hundreds of units with accolades from medical professionals across the county.

This success has led to a second generation of the product which utilizes new frame component designs for additional mounting options for the product in new facilities.

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Cognitive Testing Equipment

Executive Summary

Industry: Medical, Healthcare
Company Type: Startup
Location: New York


  • 2-3 Month Development
  • 1 Month Prototype Builds
  • 1 Month Production Builds

Capabilities Utiilized

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM)
  • Production Planning & Manufacturing
  • Assembly & Final Integration
  • Quality Management System
  • Codes & Regulatory (21 CFR, ISO 13485)
  • Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Packaging & Logistics


  • Cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing, and scalable production-ready design
  • Production process accommodates peaks and valleys in demand
  • 100s of units deployed since launch
  • 2nd generation design and prototypes

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