Industrial Equipment & Machinery Contract Manufacturing

Product Showcase

PEKO Manufactures Industrial Equipment for Optics, Automotive, Plastics, Imaging and more

The manufacture of industrial equipment requires a vast knowledge base of processes and understanding of fundamental concepts. PEKO has worked with many of the world’s most prominent industrial OEMs with products such as molding, bobbin winding, assembly, welding and many more. PEKO applies its knowledge of manufacturing and engineering to succeed with Industrial market customers.

Example Customers

  • $1.1B Polishing and Abrasives Company
  • $25.3B Global Chemical Corporation
  • $24.5B Manufacturing and Technology subsidiary
  • $3.6B Shipping and Sorting Equipment Provider

Contract Manufacturing

  • CD Manufacturing System
  • High Speed Film Scanner
  • High Volume Photo Print Cassette
  • Desktop Microfilm Processor
  • Flexographic Plate Developer
  • Traffic Light Reflector Production Equipment
  • Print Proofing System

Systems & Tech Development

  • Color Versitility Unit
  • Bottle Fill Height Test Equipment
  • Flexographic Plate Developer Production Equipment
  • CNC Product Enhancement
  • CATOX Vapor Mitigation

Case Studies