Industrial Wet Painting

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The industrial wet painting services offered at PEKO are performed in two industrial wet paint booths within our sheet metal fabrication division. Our operators are painting components prior to final integration here at PEKO or at the customer assembly line. Wet spray painting is great for applications that would be adversely affected by the heat of powder coating, require a thin finish or are too large for a powder coat oven.

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Types of Industrial Wet Paint Spraying PEKO Offers

PEKO offers the most popular wired assembly processes to manufacture machinery. We will control the supply chain to make sure COTS and custom part arrive at the assembly area. We can even make custom harness from your schematics or ours. Our team of electricians have built thousands of machines and integrated electrical connections using dozens of processes, including the following:

  • Standard paint colors
  • CARC
  • Masking Capabilities
  • Two Part Paint Systems
  • Primer and Top Coat
  • Screen printing
  • Self Contained booth to reduce FOD (Foreign Objects and Debris)
  • Sizes up to 10′ x 14′ to accommodate large structures.
  • All major paint suppliers supported
  • Custom colors available
  • Powder coating

Wet Paint Applications & Products

With our immense paint booth size, PEKO provides industrial wet paint services for products of all sizes and shapes. Typically the parts are for high end industries like defense (CARC paint), semiconductor, 5G communications, and industrial applications.

  • Frames
  • Structures
  • Beams
  • Chassis
  • Covers
  • Skins
  • Sheet Metal Components
  • CNC Machined Parts
  • Control Cabinets
  • Control Panels
  • And More

PEKO’s paint department has provided customers with peace of mind for assembly applications. By choosing PEKO’s industrial wet painting services to build your major assemblies and equipment, you will save money and aggravation by using a trusted paint source rather than an outside vendor. For the most up to date information on our painting capabilities, please visit our Facilities Page.


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