PEKO Engineering & Manufacturing Videos

This is a brief video of PEKO Precision Products facilities. For more information on how to schedule a tour with us or get a quote, please visit
PEKO Precision Products is a full service Contract Manufacturer of Machinery, Equipment and Instrumentation. Our sophisticated combination of engineering and manufacturing allows our customers to choose us as a manufacturer for top level builds and sub-assemblies for their low volume complex equipment. For more information, visit
PEKO’s Contract Manufacturing service is available for those customers seeking to outsource top level or assembly level products. We specialize in building complex machinery, equipment and instruments for a variety of high tech industry. Our CM services are designed to help customers at any stage of manufacturing. Whether your product is manufacturing ready or you need some engineer help for prototypes and pre-production, PEKO’s team has the answer. For more information, visit
This video explains the PEKO Process and how we bring new machinery, equipment and hardware products and technology to market. Let PEKO help you mitigate risks when you outsource to a Contract Manufacturer. For more information, visit
PEKO’s Engineering team is a perfect pillar in our contract manufacturing service. When building machinery, equipment and instruments, it’s important to have a contract manufacturer with an engineering staff. Our engineering staff of mechanical and controls engineers will help with design, prototypes and manufacturability.
PEKO has a fleet of over 100 CNC machines with up to 160″ travel. This allows customers with high complexity large parts to have access an incredible machining capability.
PEKO’s sheet metal division is an integral part of our Contract Manufacturing service. Customers can utilize our lasers, press brakes, welding, and even powder coating and wet paint. For more information on sheet metal fabrication, visit
Come to PEKO for certified welding. We can weld your products and frame, large or small. With PEKO you get access to our world class Quality system with precision welding for complex machinery, equipment and mechanical assemblies. For more information on welding, visit

To watch more videos on PEKO’s services and capabilities, please visit our YouTube page.