The RFP process can be daunting when looking to commercialize new machinery or equipment. With PEKO, you’ll find a reliable engineering and manufacturing partner for your project. We’ve created this step-by-step guide to help you navigate our proposal process from start to finish.

Proposal Process [Infographic]

Infographic of step-by step proposal process at PEKO


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The 8-Step Proposal Process

Step 1: Discovery Call

We start with a discovery video conference to find out exactly what you are looking for and what your unique challenges are. This initial conversation helps both parties determine if PEKO is a good choice for your machinery or equipment build.

Step 2: Establish NDA

If both parties feel confident proceeding, we then work to establish a mutual non-disclosure agreement to protect your technology, designs, or other intellectual property. We eagerly provide detailed protections for every client.

Step 3: Engineering Review

Our cross-functional engineering team will review your preliminary documentation (an SOW, basic outline of requirements, or description of process issues of interest) to gain a deeper understanding of the standards and requirements of your machinery or equipment and highlight special areas of consideration.

Step 4: Technical Q&A Session

Next, we’ll hold a web conference to discuss findings from our engineering review and perform a technical Q&A session. This time will allow both parties to request and provide additional information to clarify the requirements.

Step 5: PEKO Facility Visit

At this point, we’ll invite you for an on-site visit to review and qualify our facilities, capabilities, processes, and culture first-hand. It also serves as a time to conduct audits and meet the people responsible for your project.

Step 6: Customer Plant Visit

We’ll also send our team to visit your site, as required. By seeing how your machinery or equipment is built first-hand, our team can gain a deeper understanding of it to better align our solution with your needs, aiding in the quoting process.

Step 7: Budgetary Proposal

Our team will take the requirements for your projection and calculate the resources, timeframes, and costs. Then, we will prepare a budgetary proposal to ensure that expectations on each side are collectively aligned.

Step 8: Final Proposal & Presentation

Once both sides feel comfortable proceeding, we move into the final pricing and contract stage. Our team will develop a firm, fixed-price proposal that we’ll present to your team live in person or via video conference.

If you’re looking for a partner who can help bring your machinery or equipment to life, look no further than PEKO. We have extensive experience in this area and will be there every step of the way throughout the proposal process to ensure that your specific needs are met. Our team takes the time to get to know you and your business so that we can provide the best possible solution.

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