Motion Control Systems Integration

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Motion control systems integration is an important part of manufacturing machinery. They are used to control the motion of objects or machines by using feedback sensors and actuators. This allows for precise movement and accuracy, which can be essential in many applications. Motion control devices are becoming increasingly important in a wide variety of industries.

PEKO has decades of experience installing, configuring, testing, and troubleshooting motion control systems. Our electricians and engineers will create processes to properly integrate motion control systems into your machinery and equipment.

Whether you have already spec’d out the system or need some help deciding on the components, PEKO has you covered. Our process supports motion control systems integration in prototype, pilot, and production scale builds of your equipment.

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Common Applications for Motion Control Systems

Automation of motion control systems has been beneficial in many industries over the past few years. In some cases, motion control allows for a safer work environment by reducing human involvement and exposure to potentially dangerous situations. It also enables automation that can allow for real-time monitoring or alerts when there are issues with equipment or machinery.

Some common applications where motion control is utilized include:


Key Components of Motion Control Systems

There are three main components in motion control systems: the controller, the drive, and the motor. The controller is the brain of the system and tells the drive what to do. The drive takes electrical signals from the controller and converts them into motion, while the motor translates that motion into work.

Motion control systems can be either open-loop or closed-loop. In an open-loop system, feedback from sensors is not used to correct any errors; instead, it is only used to track performance. A closed-loop system uses feedback to correct errors and achieve more accurate movement.


Key Considerations When Choosing Motion Control Systems

When selecting a motion control system, several factors need to be taken into account:

  1. The type of motion that is required (linear or rotary)
  2. The power requirements of the system
  3. The speed and acceleration requirements
  4. Whether a closed-loop system is needed
  5. Environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.)


What Manufacturers Do You Have Experience With?

PEKO has worked with all of the major manufacturers for motion control systems integration. We can help you integrate these systems by pulling on our years of experience with these OEM providers:

  • Motion Controllers – Galil, Trio
  • Servo Drives – Kollmorgen, Allen Bradley Kinetix
  • Servo Motors – Kollmorgen, Parker
  • Feedback sensors – Kollmorgen, Parker Resolver, Newall Encoder

As a motion control systems integrator, PEKO can help you determine which motion control devices are best for your application or install the system you’ve already decided on. We have extensive experience integrating motion control systems and can provide recommendations based on your specific needs. Contact us today to get started!

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