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At PEKO, prototyping is our first step to evaluating functionality and determining critical parameters in the early stages of production. It is a critical phase in the contract manufacturing process and an approach that is fully embraced at PEKO. Our team can handle even the most complex prototype requirements, including proofs-of-concept, 3D printing services, molded parts, functional prototypes, and form models. This capability allows our team to thoroughly vet the technology in these early stages of the development cycle, helping our customers validate proof-of-concept and reduce the number of iterations before pilot builds.

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Prototyping Capacity & Resources

Our model shop can produce prototype parts in 3-14 days, and our production team has 85 CNC machines ready to move your product into higher volumes. Additionally, our engineering team has direct access to a dedicated tool room, electrical shop, and more to accommodate the fabrication of prototypes and experimentation items. Our design engineers are constantly utilizing these resources to get functional prototypes started as soon as possible.

Benefits to Prototyping New Machinery

  • Helps customers prove a design and functionality
  • Ensures changes can be made and documented for proper future manufacturing
  • Validates process and product requirements
  • Provides real-time feedback for design or manufacturability improvements
  • Can be quickly leveraged for scale-up builds
  • Are supported by experienced engineers and toolmakers

Regardless of if a proof-of-concept has been completed, or if the company is beginning a beta build, we’re ready to work to get your product to market.

Contact us today with your project details or with any questions about our prototyping or other contract manufacturing services.

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