The Renewable Energy Equipment Contract Manufacturing Guide for Solar, Wind, Hydro, PV, Fuel Cell, & Energy Storage

How Do I Find the Right Renewable Energy Equipment Contract Manufacturer?

PEKO is here to help answer this question by compiling a list of common considerations. We’ve spoken with hundreds of industry professionals – program managers, manufacturing managers, engineers, and sourcing specialists – who have evaluated contract manufacturing for their machinery or equipment and are ready to share some insight with this renewable energy contract manufacturing guide.

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Contract Manufacturing Guide to Outsourcing Renewable Energy Equipment & Green Technology Mock Book Cover

What You’ll Learn

Important factors for choosing the right contract manufacturer are specific to any company indeed, but this checklist will give you a great head start during your own due diligence.

Our renewable energy contract manufacturing guide highlights and expands on five major categories:

  1. Program Partnership
  2. Onboarding
  3. Production
  4. Engineering
  5. Company


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