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Contract Assembly

PEKO is an expert in managing the assembly of your product. Our contract assembly services are specifically designed to handle all our customers’ requirements for assembling, integrating, and testing their products. It could be a small sub-assembly or even repetitive builds of top-level equipment, tested and shipped to the end-user.

  • Increased throughput
  • Dedicated manpower
  • Faster turnaround
  • Lower shipping and logistics costs
  • Single point accountability

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Manufacturing & Assembly Cells

PEKO creates customized assembly cells with dedicated manufacturing teams for each of its contract assembly customers. Each assembly cell is equipped with a team of manufacturing experts in your particular technology.

All technical aspects of your project are taken into consideration and matched with the correct personnel within the company, ensuring that your project is treated with the care and expertise it deserves.

Custom Contract Assembly Workflows

For each of our contact assembly programs, we establish a custom assembly workflow with your cost, quality, and delivery objectives in mind. PEKO has a wide array of assembly equipment at our disposal to facilitate nearly any assembly process.

These customized assembly cells help us efficiently respond to our customer’s unique needs and to create repeatable, cost-effective contract assembly techniques for your specific project.

From work cells to assembly lines, PEKO configures optimum workflows to produce your top-level assemblies and sub-assemblies. Our assembly workflows incorporate lean manufacturing concepts by cross-functional technical personnel and a comprehensive quality system to ensure efficient, high-quality production. A Production Manager is assigned to ensure your build is a success.

Whatever your technology may be, PEKO’s contract assembly and integration services make for a highly versatile end-to-end contract manufacturing partner for your new machinery, equipment, hardware, and technology.

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