Product Development and Prototype Design

Product Showcase

New and Next Generation Equipment Design, Build and Commercialization

PEKO’s design and commercialization team focuses on the end user for:

  • New Product Development and Prototyping
  • Next-gen equipment design
  • New process development
  • Concept proving
  • Life Cycle Testing
  • FMEA
  • Design for manufacturing and assembly

The PEKO Product Development Team consists of 30 engineers – mechanical, electrical, chemical and 2 PhD’s. The Product Development Division has its own tool room, machinists and electricians to help with quick turn projects and process development where time-to-market is critical. From multi-billion dollar companies to startups, developing manufacturing processes, equipment and products for emerging technologies, provides PEKO with a comprehensive perspective in assisting your business. PEKO’s team is valuable to customers with strained engineering resources. Our team assists OEM’s who have a critical knowledge of the science of their product, but need an experienced manufacturing arm to bring the product to life.

PEKO’s Development team can assist you from concept phase to market for both new technologies and enhancements to your current portfolios. Our facilities enable us to build custom automation equipment, test concepts and develop technologies to enable our partners to enter markets quickly and efficiently. As a custom manufacturer, PEKO has extensive experience in a diverse assortment of electro-mechanical systems. Supporting the manufacture of custom equipment, PEKO provides experienced engineering, tool fabrication; low volume manufacturing, electrical build and system debug operation. These operations are all on one site for easy review and control of progress and status of your project.

When it comes to technology development, our capabilities in 3D CAD along with statistical based product and process testing and optimization can take your concepts through the commercialized process. PEKO boasts established competence to design and build specific test equipment and structure models to review the automated collection of performance data to ensure reliable and robust products.

Leading the effort on all our products are dedicated Project Managers that work closely with our customers to ensure we address all aspects of their projects and surpass their expectations.

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