Hot Bar Process


The northeast division of a Fortune 500 company, who has been a partner for years, challenged PEKO to fully automate a production process, which previously had been accomplished manually. This multiple step, highly precise, process development leveraged PEKO’s roots in automation and test systems. The goal of the new automated process was to improve through-put, consistency, and quality of the completed product.


PEKO utilized a multi-phase approach to develop a complete solution to this challenge. Due to the manual nature of the original process, the critical parameters for the current approach were not clearly defined, but would be essential to successfully automate the process. Through multiple early phase tests, analysis, and prototypes, PEKO determined the foundation of critical parameters required to be controlled to successfully automate the production process. Following these developments the dial-based production equipment was designed and built utilizing indexers, servos, vision, and more. PEKO’s complete portfolio of capabilities was put to use. During the equipment design and debug, previously unknown deficiencies were exposed and addressed through strong collaboration efforts between PEKO, our customer, and 3rd party component supplier, in order to successfully accomplish the overall goal of automating and improving the production manufacturing process.


PEKO’s solution has stabilized the production process to produce high quality components on a consistent basis. PEKO was able to meet all of the customer’s goals, while at the same time solving certain process parameters which had never previously been addressed. These developments are being explored in other areas of production and PEKO continues to work closely with this customer on various development and manufacturing projects.

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Hot Bar Process

Executive Summary

Industry: Print
Company Type: Large Corporation
Location: New Hampshire


  • 6 Month Development
  • 3 Month Equipment Build

Capabilities Utiilized

  • All Engineering Disciplines
  • Tool Room
  • Quality Management System
  • Procurement


  • Develop Critical Parameters
  • Automate production and inspection
  • Reduce cycle time and improve production quality

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