The Contract Manufacturing Guide to Outsourcing Medical Devices, Equipment and Instrumentation

Download an all-encompassing checklist of common considerations for choosing the right medical contract manufacturer.

Medical Equipment Contract Manufacturing

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ISO 13485 Certified Medical Equipment Contract Manufacturing

From design to manufacture, PEKO has been integral for OEMs in the Medical industry. By a commitment to understanding of the QSR and CFR 21, PEKO has been able to successfully produce medical products on behalf of our customers. A well defined and disciplined Quality system ensures traceability and compliance. The level of complexity involved in such products is seamlessly integrated into PEKO’s internal systems. Medical OEMs continue to enjoy value from the engineering and manufacturing expertise at PEKO.

Contact PEKO today if your Medical Product falls under categories like Diagnostics, Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, Purification, Fluids and Gas Analysis, Laboratory Automation, Molecular Spectroscopy, MRI & CT Imaging and more.

Example Customers

  • $3.6B Instrumentation, Chemistry and Laboratory Automation Company
  • $7.7B Medical Technology, Devices, Lab Equipment, Diagnostics and Supplies Company
  • $4B Global Provider of Screening, Diagnostics and Monitoring
  • Radiation Therapy Technology Venture Backed Startup
  • CT Imaging University Tech Transfer Startup
  • many more

ISO 13485 Contract Manufacturing

  • DNA Camera Enclosure
  • Narcotics Management Unit
  • Powered Stretcher

ISO 13485 Systems & Tech Development

  • Medical Research Equipment
  • 3D CT Scanner
  • Blood Pressure Cuff Production Equipment

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