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As part of PEKO’s Contract Manufacturing services suite, we offer product development assistance. Product development comes in many shapes and flavors. In general, customers come to us with a product or process that needs some engineering or manufacturing improvements to ensure its fundamental purpose can be fulfilled. There may be process improvements, functional requirements, or even specification clarity. By having a product development team to support contract manufacturing, our customers often see:

  • Improvements to manufacturability
  • Process validation at the prototype and pilot phase
  • Lower manufacturing cost
  • Critical parameters identified, and outputs enhanced
  • Improved functionality and reliability
  • Innovative approaches to design, manufacturing and assembly

The critical functional of the product development team in the Contract Manufacturing process is to overcome unique functional and process requirements pertinent to a product. While some customers have these problems solved by the time they choose a Contract Manufacturer, often times they need a partner with years of manufacturing and process experience to help finalize this step. PEKO is that partner.

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