Medical Heater Units


A global Healthcare company was producing a heater module for one of their flagship Diagnostics products.  In order to do so, the customer was misusing valuable in-house resources to procure dozens of parts, planning builds to schedule, assembling product and doing final testing.  All of which took focus away of their core competency, high level system integration of industry leading diagnostics equipment.  The customer needed to maximize internal resources towards their final integration, but finding a supplier who could successfully produce and test line-ready hundreds of complex sub-assemblies was a difficulty.  The customer had a competent supply base of small shops that could make the individual parts, but finding a higher level assembly ISO 13485 supplier would prove to be the key to overall program success.


PEKO assigned a Program Manager with Medical manufacturing expertise to lead the way.  We customized our Product Adoption service, an offering that allows OEMs to seamlessly transfer internal manufacturing to PEKO, for this sub-assembly.   The team included Manufacturing Engineers, Production Planner, Assembly Supervisor, Quality Personnel and Purchasing.   This team ensured all necessary steps were taken to ensure success on such a complex build of low to mid volumes.  Bill of Materials was reviewed and finalized, component parts released to in-house manufacturing, off-the-shelf items procured, Quality documentation created and more.  Internally, a 1,500 sq. ft. Program-Specific assembly cell was designed and built, and core team members were trained on all customer requirements and assembly specifications.  In perfect harmony, internal manufacturing and external purchasing were coordinated so all product arrived at our assembly line at the same time.  An engineering group created a testing apparatus that simulated the customer functionality, guaranteeing that products were fully tested and ready to drop into the customer’s integrated system at time of build.


By choosing a ISO 13485 contract manufacturer with PEKO’s expertise, the customer has shifted manufacturing resources away from this sub-assembly towards its core competency of final system integration.  Hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars are saved by ordering shipped-to-line turnkey assemblies.  Final system integration is completed on time and within budget and the product is delivered with virtually zero return rate.  The customer delivers excellent product that coincides with their forecast and strengthens their brand image as an industry leader.

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Medical Heater Units

Executive Summary

Industry: Medical
Company Type: $10B Corporation
Location: Maryland


  • Hundreds yearly
  • 2-3 Month Production Lead Time

Capabilities Utiilized

  • Program Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Quality Management System
  • Production Planning
  • CNC Machining, Metal Fabrication
  • Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Final Testing, Packaging and Logistics


  • Less costly than internal assembly
  • Simplified Supply Chain Process
  • Fully Tested Sub-Assemblies Shipped to Line

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