8 Questions To Ask Before Selecting a Sheet Metal and Welding Fabricator

How do you know if a fabricator, welder, or contract manufacturer can really deliver when it comes to sheet metal and welding?

Precision Assemblies & Parts Manufacturing

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High-Complex, Precision Assembly Manufacturing

PEKO is an expert in high-level precision assemblies working with top-level medical and defense industry leaders.  Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical assemblies are completed in one of two assembly buildings with program managers strategically managing builds of material with hundreds of parts.  All builds are optimized for future builds to help our customers with cost-down opportunities.  Electro-Mechanical assemblies can be completed with wiring, back panel, power supplies, cables, and other electrical components.

CNC Milling & Turning, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Wire EDM

PEKO specializes in manufacturing highly complex component parts. By amassing a collection of over 100 CNC machines and highly talented personnel, PEKO is the choice for hard-to-make parts.

Simple parts can be left to traditional machine shops. PEKO Precision Products is the source for those parts with difficult geometric tolerances, strict Quality requirements, large overall dimensions, and tight process control. Typical volumes range from prototype quantities to dozens per batch, making PEKO a very well-suited supplier for high-tech and defense industry manufacturers. PEKO’s wide range of machinery gives PEKO the ability to select the optimal machine and process, whether it’s a 160″ plate, entire frame, machined casting, or intricate parts. Combined with a robust Quality System, Manufacturing Engineering and Program Management, PEKO is a strong force for the repetitive build of tight tolerance and intricate feature parts. We invite a challenge on those nasty parts that traditional shops can’t seem to get right.

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Materials we work with include:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cold Rolled
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Armor Plate
  • Nickel Alloys

Maximum Overall dimensions:

  • CNC boring up to 98”*
  • Gantry milling up to 130”*
  • Turning up to 32” diameter
  • Sheet Metal forming up to 96”*

*standard size can be expanded based on part dimensions

See our Facilities page for more information on all of PEKO’s multi-axis machinery.