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Manufacturing Documentation

Our team of engineers and production professionals will create a manufacturing documentation package to ensure Quality and repeatability. Without proper documentation, machinery and equipment manufacturing at production volumes would not be possible.  The manufacturing documentation package includes Bill of Materials (BOM), Detailed Component Drawings, Quality Control Plans, Manufacturing Methods Router, Work Instructions, Factory Acceptance Test procedure, and Packaging Specs.  Depending on product type, there could be even more.  At PEKO, our contract manufacturing and machinery manufacturing services include creating manufacturing documentation for the customer.

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What’s in the documentation package

Utilizing manufacturing, quality, and industrial engineers, the PEKO team generates a robust manufacturing package.  This is a critical component of success for building customer machinery, equipment and assemblies.  These items are all contained on a secure server and integrated into the ERP.  Below are a few of the types of manufacturing documentation package constituents that we will generate:

  • Bill of Materials – A hierarchical listing of all the parts, quantities, vendors, prices associated with a product.
  • Detailed Component Drawings – 2D prints of each component part and assembly, with details about size, tolerance, materials, finish and special notes
  • Quality Control Plans – procedures and quality requirements for each part, including sampling sizes, tolerances and more
  • Manufacturing Methods Router – a step-by-step production plan that coordinates parts from operation to operation
  • Assembly Work Instructions – visual aids that assemblers use as a guide for each step of the assembly process
  • Packaging Specs – detailed specifications outlining the proper packaging needed before shipping
  • Factory Acceptance Testing Procedure –  lays out the very specific procedures and expected results for testing a piece of machinery or equipment so that it may be deemed acceptable before shipment.


At PEKO we understand that manufacturing documentation is custom to your equipment.  Whether it is dictated by the customer or by PEKO, a strong set of documents help carry the production process to success.


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