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Design and Engineering for Contract Manufacturing

If you’re like many of our customers, you have a design concept with limited functionality and not enough resources to turn this concept into a manufacturable product that performs as intended.  PEKO has recognized this familiar challenge and has a Design and Engineering staff that gets in front of it.  Any good Contract Manufacturer knows that their customers may need design help in the beginning stages of product development to help bridge the gap between design and functionality.  With PEKO, our Design and Engineering team eliminates this problem by:

  • Define the scope and overall success criteria for the design
  • Identifying necessary inputs, outputs and critical parameters of the product
  • Quickly creating CAD models and associated details prints
  • Producing an indented BOM to help prepare for the prototype stages and beyond
  • Consulting internal manufacturing resources for manufacturability options
  • Communicating closely with the customer to understand end user functionality

Working with some of the world’s most advanced technologies for Fortune 500 customers to Start-ups has taught us that no Contract Manufacturing company can be complete without a skilled Design and Engineering staff.  When you have a complex product that you are considering outsourcing, choose PEKO to ensure the technical complexities of your product are fully comprehended.

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