Expert Sheet Metal Assembly Services

When it comes time to bring all your parts together into an operational unit or higher-level assembly, look no further. Unlike traditional suppliers that simply fabricate and ship unassembled parts, PEKO handles the entire process for you. We have mastered the art of sheet metal assembly and are prepared to tackle even your most challenging projects.


Fabrication & Assembly in the USA

Whether you require a comprehensive turnkey product, large-scale fabrication, precision assembly, or just a few component-level subassemblies, PEKO has you covered. We have all the tools needed to assemble dozens or even hundreds of parts into complete assemblies that satisfy all your requirements.

Utilizing various assembly methods and an extensive selection of automated pneumatic, electrical power, and manual assembling tools, our teams can expertly join sheet metal parts together. Most assembly parts are fabricated, finished, and inspected in-house, with a dedicated supply chain team doing the heavy lifting to source and procure all other off-the-shelf components.

We have four dedicated assembly facilities spanning over 200,000 ft2 of manufacturing space located in Rochester, NY. These buildings even feature jib cranes and ergonomic lift-assist devices to accommodate large and heavy sheet metal assemblies.

We can also meet cleanroom assembly requirements, support customer-specific packaging, perform final product testing, and more. We ensure that every unit is working properly, satisfies your requirements, and meets the highest standards before leaving our facility.


Assembly Methods & Fastener Options

We offer a full range of in-house mechanical assembly and fastening capabilities. Our most popular sheet metal assembly options include PEM setting, stud welding, riveting, self-clinching, tab and slot, and more.

  • Threaded fastening (i.e., screws, nuts, bolts, self-clinching fasteners, and other loose hardware)
  • Non-threaded fastening (i.e., pins, washers, dowels, rivets, adhesive bonding, etc.)
  • Integral fastening (i.e., embossed protrusions, edge seams, snap-fits, tab-and-slot, etc.)
  • Sheet metal welding and thermal joining (i.e., resistance spot welding and arc welding)

Choosing the right connectors, their location, and the timing of installation are crucial steps to ensure your final product meets your requirements.

Our sheet metal engineering and assembly experts work closely with you every step of the way to determine the best options for your project while keeping efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness in mind. With our sheet metal assembly services, you can trust our solutions to provide structural integrity, functionality, and durability that exceed your expectations.

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Turnkey & Value Added Services

Take an extra step off your plate with turnkey electromechanical solutions.

In addition to mechanical fastening, joining, and assembly, PEKO can also perform value-added services in-house, like CNC machining, electromechanical assembly, cleanroom assembly, and turnkey system integration, for customers who require a more complete subassembly or finished product upon delivery. These vertical capabilities, alongside dedicated program managers and robust supply chain management, enable us to deliver finished units ready for installation at your facility, delivery to your end user, or to at least get you 99% of the way there.

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If you need fasteners or hardware built into your fabrication, PEKO can help. With our years of experience and personalized approach, you can trust that your project is in competent hands. We save you precious time and money, all while delivering high-quality assemblies that exceed expectations. Whether you require prototypes or low-volume production runs, we are fully prepared to support your precision sheet metal fabrication needs. So why wait any longer? Get in touch with us today and let us handle all your sheet metal assembly needs.