Get Quality, Long Lasting Results with PEKO’s In-House Sheet Metal Finishing Services

One of the capabilities that really sets PEKO apart as a precision sheet metal fabrication company is our on-site sheet metal finishing, including wet painting, powder coating, and silk screening.

» Streamline Your Sheet Metal Production

Our facility is equipped with two high-capacity paint booths and industrial drying ovens where wet paint can be applied, including CARC. This is situated alongside our semi-automatic, conveyorized powder coat line which can accommodate large part sizes. Providing this service in-house allows for sheet metal fabricated products to be finished right as they come out of production. This reduces the risk of parts being damaged during transit to outside vendors and provides much better control over cost, quality, and delivery.

» Improve Performance & Extend Life of Parts

Our sheet metal finishing services produce highly durable parts with improved performance and extended life, making it an ideal service for parts that must withstand demanding applications and need protection from harsh environments. Physical and mechanical property enhancements include adhesiveness, electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, wear or abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, frictional resistance, solderability, weldability, aesthetics, dimensional accuracy, surface quality, and more.

Transform Your Metal Parts with Our Proven Processes and Expertise

Parts can be finished with standard or custom colors, in textured or smooth finishes, and to meet industry-specific paint specifications. The type of metal surface finishing provided will depend on each individual customer’s application, specifications, and materials being used. Common materials that undergo finishing at our facility include steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium, but can be extended to most metal and alloy materials.

Industrial Wet Painting

Our industrial wet painting services are a great sheet metal finishing option for applications that would be adversely affected by the heat of powder coating, require a thin finish, or are too large for a powder coat oven. With our large paint booth sizes, we can effectively provide wet spray paint finishing on products of all shapes and sizes.

  • High-capacity wet paint booths & industrial drying ovens (3)
  • Accommodates large sizes up to 20′ wide, 20′ deep, and 12′ high
  • Two-part paint system (primer/top coat) for standard and custom colors
  • Self-contained to reduce FOD (foreign objects and debris)
  • Support for all major paint suppliers, including CARC wet paint

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Metal Powder Coating

Our sheet metal powder coating services offer a fast and highly durable alternative to wet painting. Furthermore, this finishing option is more environmentally friendly and cost-effective than other methods. It’s commonly used on industrial equipment but can be used for nearly any industry application to improve a part’s functionality and life.

  • 10,000 sq. ft. GAT powder coat conveyor line
  • Semi-automatic powder coating system
  • Accommodates large sizes up to 5′ long and 9′ wide

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Metal Silk Screening

Our teams have mastered the metal silk screen printing process and can provide the highest quality custom artwork and graphics prints on various sheet metal fabricated products, per customer specifications. This sheet metal finishing process allows for the use of custom designs without size or color restrictions, like for adding customer logos, part labels, or permanent legends to control panels.

  • For printing high-quality images on flat sheet metal surfaces
  • Accommodates bare metal, stainless steel, and painted or coated metals
  • Support for epoxy (most common), urethane, and lacquer ink application
  • Processed using X-Vactor LED Vacuum Exposure Unit with Digital Timer

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With our extensive experience across diverse industries, we possess the expertise to craft tailored finishing processes that precisely cater to your unique metal fabrication requirements. Trust PEKO to deliver the sheet metal finishing solutions you need with the care of the same people who built it.