Large Machined Parts-D.O.D


A leading Prime Contractor for the D.O.D searched the entire USA for a manufacturer that could machine their large parts which were well over 160in.  The parts, originally sourced to an incumbent manufacturer, required impressive tight tolerances of 0.002in, at some features. PEKO was the only company that had the processes to machine and inspect such parts on-site, in its temperature controlled facilities.


PEKO deployed its most seasoned manufacturing engineers and highest skilled machinists to complete the complex parts.  PEKO also acquired some of the largest bridge mills the company has purchased to date to fill the OEM’s need while reducing bottlenecks for other programs.  In order to maintain PEKO’s renown quality systems, unique high-tech inspection techniques were also developed for t6his program.  In the future, PEKO will continue to optimize the programming of these large, precision parts to reduce the number of overall machining passes which will reduce cost for the customer.


By utilizing PEKO’s proprietary engineering and machining capabilities, the customer was able to achieve tolerances they never had before.  This opened the door for the customer to produce even more precision parts for their major mechanical assembly with the reassurance that repeatability in quality was executed and deliveries were made on time.

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Large Machined Parts-D.O.D

Executive Summary

Industry: Defense
Company Type: Publicly Traded OEM
Location: Northeast Region


Capabilities Utiilized

  • Large Part Material Handling Equipment
  • 13ft Romer Arms
  • Skilled CNC Machinists & Programmers
  • Program Management


  • Successful Prototype
  • Production Integration

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