Fluid Handling Sub-Assemblies


An industry leading optics manufacturer had already chosen PEKO for Contract Manufacturing of its consumables processing and polishing machinery.  Within this unit, arose a need for removable cart assemblies that could be manufactured independently for quick access and service.  These units contain wiring, plumbing and refillable stations.  By offering such a unit containing such a complete suite of mechanicals, this sub-assembly lends itself to special manufacturing process by skilled technicians.


PEKO had already assigned a Program Manager familiar with this product.  To successfully manufacture repetitive builds of this sub-assembly, a special team of technicians was employed.  These technicians could build the sub-assembly in a customized area separate from the top-level build.  This enabled parallel builds between technician and non-technician assembly requirements.  The plumbing and electrical routing would be completed by specialized techs and tested at the sub-assembly level.  Spares could even be produced and stocked for field replacements.


These sub-assemblies play a huge role in the success of the overall program.  PEKO can deliver tested sub-assemblies to the final integration cell.  PEKO created parallel builds which maximize resources to ensure the right level of assembly technician to the right work cell.  Furthermore, this gives the customer a flexible replacement option and ensures Quality in one of the most critical assemblies within the machine.

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Fluid Handling Sub-Assemblies

Executive Summary

Industry: Industrial
Company Type: $1B Corporation
Location: New York


  • Dozens yearly
  • 2 Month Production Lead Time

Capabilities Utiilized

  • Program Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Quality Management System
  • Production Planning
  • CNC Machining, Welding, Sheet Metal
  • Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Packaging and Logistics


  • Improved Product Performance

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