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ROCHESTER, NY – With the explosive growth of the US energy storage market, PEKO Precision Products, Inc., a multi-faceted advanced center for technology development and product commercialization, is offering a dedicated division focused only on manufacturing these systems to respond to the increased demand.

Energy Storage Systems equipment

Energy Storage Containers

Energy storage systems can best manage fluctuations in energy demand throughout the day and represent a breakthrough in electricity distribution. Paired with renewable energy, these systems are essential to driving clean energy acceptance in the country by making power smooth and dispatchable. The market has responded to their promise with first-quarter energy storage deployments increasing 252% over last year.

With the growing number of storage systems being invented daily, PEKO teams with pioneering innovators to bring new systems to market such as the following technologies:

renewable energy hydrogen fuel cell power generator prototype

RIT Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Generator & Energy Storage Unit.

  • Rechargeable battery platforms
  • Redox flow batteries
  • Flywheel energy storage
  • Compressed air energy storage
  • Thermal energy storage

Since manufacturing these systems typically requires a large investment in capital equipment because of their size and volume, PEKO offers full-service contract manufacturing capabilities to develop these products and bring them to market – all under one roof.

“We’re honored to partner with ground-breaking companies who are striving to change the world by introducing systems that can improve grid stability, decrease carbon emissions and increase the economic value of renewable sources,” says Jeff Lake, Vice President of NPI at PEKO. “As our customers continue to push the envelope, we’re providing them the deep expertise and commercialization resources they need to take their inventions to production scale manufacturing and maximize their potential.”

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