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5 things Clean Energy Equipment companies need from a Contract Manufacturer immediately

In the sphere of clean energy, innovators all over the world are preparing new machinery and equipment to market. From photovoltaics, the ecosphere of renewable energy innovation is growing daily. These companies are on the forefront of huge energy breakthroughs while battling the challenges presented by fluctuations in fossil fuels and other traditional energy sources. […]

Three courses to learn Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) techniques

In the world of early stage machinery and capital equipment manufacturing, we concern ourselves with many interdependent questions regarding functionality and cost.  Proving the concept and creating a functional prototype are only part of the battle.  Once some semblance of a working machine is complete, we need to know how to launch into production while […]

Why Almost Every Innovation Needs a Prototype Development Company

Almost every successful product launch starts with a prototype. This functioning model often serves as the “moment of truth” that enables you to see your concept as a real, tangible product. But many businesses with great ideas don’t have the ability to build working prototypes in-house. Some may even lack the ability to move from […]

How to Get an Idea Made Into a Prototype

Ideas are at the heart of innovation. They can exist anywhere, even on the back of a napkin. But for many businesses, it can be challenging to translate the concept for an invention into an actual product. That’s where developing a functioning prototype comes in. A prototype is an early stage product that’s produced in […]

How Do You Manufacture Metal Parts

As Design News outlines, metal parts are used in a wide range of applications in medical, automotive, aerospace and other mechanical assemblies to address companies’ part production challenges. But just how do you manufacture metal parts?  When it comes to making metal components, there are three key steps in the fabrication process. Selecting a Material […]

Fabrication Shop

What exactly is metal fabrication? Metal fabrication is integral to manufacturing as it is how your prototype or production line is brought to fruition. But who handles it and what’s involved? In many cases, you’ll need to find a fab shop, especially when you don’t have the capabilities in-house and want to outsource the services. […]

Types of Fabrication Materials for Your Metal Part

  Did you know that nearly 75% of all the elements on the periodic table are metal? That means there are lots of options when it comes to the various types of fabrication materials for your metal part, whether you’re cutting, welding, machining, forming or assembling metal to create the final product. While virtually any […]