Sheet Metal Forming & Panel Bending

When it comes to sheet metal forming or bending, you can trust PEKO’s sheet metal fabrication division to provide best-in-class solutions for carrying out all your needs. Our facilities feature a wide range of modern machinery that facilitates precision forming and bending on a diverse set of metalworking projects and applications.

Our Sheet Metal Forming Processes

With our highly experienced personnel, sophisticated press brakes, high-speed turret punches, and advanced rolling machines, we can provide superior-quality solutions that meet the highest standards.

Press Brake Forming

Our advanced press brakes enable us to create complex bends with ease. With our fleet of press brake forming machines, including an assortment of 8-axis press brakes, we can bend, form, and fold metal up to 120” and hold a tolerance of +/- 0.010″. Our advanced facility also features an automated sheet metal panel bending machine, which is used for creating beautiful U- and V-shaped curves in sheet metal.


  • Quick and efficient processing of parts with repeatability
  • Facilitates shorter cycle times and minimal downtime
  • Superior accuracy that reduces waste and eliminates rejects

CNC Turret Punching

Furthermore, we have high-speed CNC turret punching machines for nibbling quickly and orthogonal geometries. Using the latest technology, our punching machines remove material from a piece of sheet metal to form cutouts of varying shapes and sizes quickly, efficiently, and with a high level of consistency.


  • Eliminates the need for secondary forming processes
  • Perfect for creating custom shapes and complex cutouts
  • Forms features like louvers, dimples, and bridge lances

Metal Roll Forming

We are constantly evaluating and adding new machinery and bending capabilities to our facilities to better serve our customers. For example, we recently procured sheet metal rolling equipment, which has given us the flexibility to form sheet metal into curves and radiuses for more intricate parts.

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As a full-service partner, our in-house precision sheet metal fabrication capabilities are extensive, reaching far beyond the confines of sheet metal forming. We can also provide laser cutting, welding, finishing, assembly, engineering, and prototyping services to satisfy our customers’ specific sheet metal fabrication requirements and applications.