Capacity Planning & Management

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Capacity Planning & Management

Capacity Planning is the practice of analyzing workloads and comparing them to customer demands.  This process is detailed and every changing but necessary to ensure production schedules are on time and customer needs are met.   PEKO engineers are adept at creating comprehensive plans for exactly this reason.

Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing is capital and resource intense.  Custom assembly cells are created, precision fabrications are scheduled, Bill of Materials items are ordered and labor resources are allocated.  This delicate choreography is the integral part of capacity management that takes manufacturing experts to accomplish.  Flexibility is built in the plan because at PEKO we understand your forecasts may change based on industry trends, supply chain, funding and a host of other reasons.  

Our engineers have created customized capacity planning documents for dozens of customers in for top level contract manufacturing as well as precision assembly manufacturing.

  • Considering Forecasts and Forecast variations
  • Creating production floor layouts and assembly spaces
  • Determining tooling
  • Determine overall hours and machining centers for fabricated parts
  • Scheduling fabrication machinery
  • Calculating assembly hours and personnel needed
  • Preparing supply chain for orders
  • Creating test and acceptance plans

PEKO’s long history of planning for fluctuating and steady state demand has made us experts in this area.  We believe and understand that manufacturing can be unpredictable.  Creating a capacity management system that can account for these demand shifts is one of the most powerful elements of our service offerings.  

Don’t get stuck in a manufacturing program that can’t flexibly meet your demands.  Come see the folks at PEKO who will view your program holistically.  Manufacturing is more than just machinery, assembly and physical capabilities.  It’s about utilizing advanced techniques and processes that ensure you get what you’re paying for.  Capacity planning at PEKO will help bring your business to the next level.  

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