Clean room assembly is a special capability that PEKO provides for customers whose builds require a climate-controlled environment with strict adherence to cleanliness protocols. This highly controlled method of assembly is required in several industries where airborne particles or contaminants can affect the manufacturing process, including the semiconductormedical, life sciences, optics, and nanotechnology industries.

clean room assembly


The Standard for Clean Room Assembly

When a customer requires a clean, controlled environment for the manufacturing and final assembly of their product, PEKO’s clean room assembly offers the perfect solution. We maintain 5,000 square feet of certified clean room assembly space that meets class 10,000 ISO 6 standards and is subject to strict, ongoing monitoring of environmental conditions. We can also achieve class 100 standards on demand when required. Our clean rooms are equipped with highly trained technicians and a variety of equipment, like UV and bright-light inspection for inspecting for particle contamination.

Complying with Strict Cleanliness Protocols

To ensure that environmental parameters are held steady and that the processes are repeatable, PEKO has dedicated staff responsible for maintaining our clean room environments and special maintenance protocols in place that keep the equipment running in top shape. As a result, we can comply with many highly regulated clean room standards and cleanliness protocols when producing finished products.

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