8 Questions to Ask Before Selecting A Sheet Metal & Welding Fabricator

How do you know if a contract manufacturer can really deliver when it comes to welding? Download this guide for answers to 8 critical questions to ask sheet metal and welding fabricators.

Welding Fabrication Services

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Welding is the process of joining two pieces of metal together with the use of extreme heat. PEKO’s production welding services have the skills and ability to handle large and complex welding projects that require an advanced level of quality and expertise.

PEKO’s in-house production welding services department consists of ample equipment and the right material handling capabilities which are critical for this type of manufacturing. Our certified welders are capable of working within very tight tolerances to meet the most demanding application requirements.

Our extensive quality department also oversees this department to ensure all parts for an assembly are thoroughly inspected to ensure the utmost quality for our customers. This specialized area is perfectly outfitted to fabricate welded frames, cabinets, enclosures, and other assemblies.

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Welding Services Provided

  • TIG welding uses a tungsten electrode to join one metal surface to another. It is a metal-bonding process for heavy metals that relies on an ongoing wire feed. Alternatively, this is called GTAW.
  • MIG welding sends an electrode through a tool gun and applies it to corresponding metal surfaces to form a workpiece. It is a metal-bonding and metal-shaping process that relies on rods that you direct into the weld puddle. Alternatively, this is called GMAW.
  • Spot welding heats contact points/spots to fuse adjacent materials. At high production rates, this is an easily automated process that is best suited for lightweight metals.
  • Robotic welding offers better consistency, more precise weldments, and higher throughput than its alternatives and is best suited for high-volume weldment jobs. See our robotic welder in action!

These capabilities are all utilized in our fabrication of frames, cabinets, enclosures, and other parts involved in PEKO’s manufacture of machinery and equipment.

Occasionally, a new OEM will seek us to utilize our ability to weld their complex frames and cabinets, without realizing our full turnkey contract manufacturing and assembly strengths. Usually, PEKO can take over the management of an OEMs entire project and completely finish the assembly of the frame or cabinet.

Currently, PEKO employs approximately 16 on-staff welders, and we have recently dedicated an entire building for the sole purpose of catering to our welding division and its intended growth. In this new location, we will have the capacity to test and certify new welders as we onboard them into our pristine contract manufacturing company.

We have two in-house certified welding inspectors, and multiple certified procedure specifications for various material, types, and positions. These services can be combined with our sheet metal fabrication, powder coating, or any of our other metalworking services.

For large and highly complex projects, you can count on PEKO to ensure that each weldment delivers the strength and consistency that you need. Contact us today to discuss the details of your next project and see which welding service is right for you!

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