Award presented to PEKO Precision Products, Recognized by Manufacturing Outlook as a Top Contract Manufacturing Services Provider for 2023ROCHESTER, NY (July 25, 2023) PEKO was recently named a top contract manufacturing services company by The Manufacturing Outlook. The recognition honors the company’s mastery in the contract manufacturing of complex electromechanical machinery and large precision assemblies. In their publication, The Manufacturing Outlook praises PEKO as a “reliable CM that assists businesses … in turning their vision for a new offering into a commercialized market-ready product.” It also highlights the significant advantage that the company’s vertically integrated capabilities and complete product lifecycle management services provide for its clients, OEMs, and startups alike.

Scott Baxter, PEKO’s Sales and Business Development Manager explains that “oftentimes, companies don’t have all the documentation, specifications, and testing they need to make high-quality machinery. The benefit of working with PEKO is that we understand there may be engineering, manufacturing, and quality problems that need to be solved. We look for those areas that need attention and give them the attention they need so that durable, high-quality final products can be built.”

When PEKO onboards a new customer, there’s a dedicated New Product Introduction (NPI) division and an entire commercialization process in place that does all the cleanup work required to prepare their design to be repeatably produced at scale. Utilizing its in-house new product engineering, prototyping, and pilot manufacturing prowess, its multi-disciplined engineering team comes up with a customized plan to refine and optimize the build to help the customer achieve a manufacturing-ready design.

Through various design iterations and prototype builds, PEKO is able to solve prevalent design issues, determine the best-suited manufacturing processes for scaled production, and prepare a complete documentation package. Then, leveraging its vast in-house manufacturing infrastructure, it seamlessly transitions the product to full-rate production and continues to support the customer’s low-volume high-mix manufacturing needs with its flexible in-house manufacturing infrastructure.

With nearly 60 years in the industry, PEKO has established a solid reputation for supporting pioneering companies to build the most complex products. “High-tech OEMs like to partner with us because we build machines and assemblies that are much more complicated than most contract manufacturers do,” said Baxter. “Our experience gives us a deep understanding of the science and the challenges that present in new, cutting-edge technology.”

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