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Product Type: Conference

Manufacturer: World Wide Business Research

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Last week, I attended the World Wide Business Research’s B2B Online Conference in Miami, Fl.  A conference made for those working to transform their organizations online within the manufacturing industry.  The conference brings together distributors, eCommerce global directors, associates, managers and everyone in between to come share new and innovative ideas through panels, presentations, networking and breakout sessions.  This was the first B2B Conference a PEKO representative attended, and we are looking forward to sending another representative to the B2B Conference in Chicago later next year.


Since our marketing team understands the importance of creating a great user experience online, we conducted a simple Google search for B2B Marketing Training Conferences.  The B2B Online Conferences seemed to be a great fit for us as we are just beginning our deep dive into the B2B digital world.  Overall, the conference exceeded my expectations and I would recommend this conference to anyone who is just starting to optimize their B2B organization in the digital space.

Workshop for Evolving Business Model to Customer Focus


  • This Conference, specifically the Miami event, fosters personal conversations among those attending.  To get attendees and sponsors connected with one anther, the first day began with grouping everyone at random based on the color of their lanyard to their corresponding colored table.  Once there, we learned that those sitting with us were to be our teammates for the remainder of our time in Miami.  Immediately, you’re connected with those who are also attending the event and have the ability to make connections and network as soon as the conference kicks off.
  • Keep up to date with things that happen in the B2C space because the B2B space is always a step behind.  This advice definitely stuck out to me as a marketer in the B2B space.  Of course our company is targeting other organizations, but at the end of the day we’re still marketing to people who live in the B2C space when it comes to their own personal shopping.  If we’re out to make the ultimate shopping experience for businesses who need PEKO’s services, then we should try to mirror the efforts of simplicity and innovation that stem from the B2C space.
  • The corresponding app for the conference is extremely useful!  No need to print out the agenda ahead of time, the most up to date talks and presentations are available right on your smart phone.  Also, you can connect with attendees, speakers and sponsors within the app as well as make the most of your time during the breakout sessions to ensure you’re attending the right talk for you and your organization.  With the smaller size of the Miami conference, and only two tracks to chose from, I only needed to move between to ballrooms on the same floor to maximize my overall experience within the conference.
  • For women who are interested in attending the event, be sure to register for the Women’s Breakfast.  I was sent an email invitation a few weeks prior to the start date and was thoroughly grateful for the intimate networking and brainstorming cultivated among the breakfast attendees.  For the Miami conference, we had women attend from diverse positions, roles and backgrounds. During our time, we were able to discuss our challenges, goals and achievements we’ve made over the years.
B2B Online Miami Women's Breakfast


Overall, I would recommend this conference to anyone who has begun, or is looking to begin, transitioning their organization into the digital space.  Our organization is sending another one of our marketing representatives to the B2B Online Conference in Chicago, and we look forward to continuing the great networking B2B Online fosters.  PEKO is excited to expand our knowledge in what new trends are happening in our industry.

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