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ROCHESTER, NY – PEKO Precision Products, Inc., a multi-faceted advanced center for technology development and product commercialization, is one of just a few contract manufacturers globally that can develop and build renewable energy equipment technology and is setting the standard for supporting ambitious innovators.

renewable energy equipment

PEKO offers customized commercialization programs to take solar and photovoltaic equipment projects from early stage to production scale manufacturing.

At each stage of the process to commercialize new green energy products, PEKO provides:

  • New Product Introduction: A team of PEKO engineers provides CAD modeling, life cycle testing, quality document preparation, and more.
  • Design Engineering: PEKO’s new product engineering team focuses on critical parameters for proper functional performance to prepare a product for its next life cycle stage.
  • Prototype Manufacturing: Once a proof of concept is established, PEKO can create prototype units to help companies determine if the equipment is functioning as intended.
  • Pilot & Pre-Production Manufacturing: At this stage, PEKO helps clients bridge to full-scale manufacturing by incorporating tasks such as manufacturing layouts, tooling, and other production readiness activities.
  • Production Manufacturing: PEKO will optimize production with everything from setting up a customized assembly line to reviewing the supply chain and creating quality plans.

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, in the last decade alone, solar has experienced an average annual growth rate of 42%, a trend that is fueled by increasing demand across the private and public sectors for clean electricity.

“With the explosive growth of solar, PEKO stands ready to meet the demands with a dedicated team and proven approach to manufacturing the cells to help build the highest quality equipment as possible,” said Mark Frosino, Sales & NPI Project Manager at PEKO. “Solar is a fundamental green energy source and we’re proud to lead the industry with solutions to enable clients to move the world with the latest energy technologies.”

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