It’s no secret — I really like Machine Design magazine. It’s not easy to write about the trials and tribulations of machine building, but Machine Design magazine does an excellent job of portraying them and wrapping them up in stories and articles that are both fun and helpful. Although I have a few personal projects with them, I truly believe that every machine builder and designer should subscribe to this magazine.

I just finished reading the December 2021 issue of Machine Design and a few articles really stood out to me. Being a machinery manufacturer gives PEKO a unique perspective on the industry, so today, I’ll talk about what I liked in those articles and add some of my own commentaries.

  1. 2021 IDEA! Conference (on page 9)
    This article stuck out because I attended the conference. There were dozens of speakers and breakout sessions, the venue was big and beautiful, and personally, I think downtown Cleveland is a gem. Big names were speaking like Scott Dixon, Director of Digital Manufacturing at EY, and Jeff Christiansen, Vice President of Product at Seegrid. I personally attended Christiansen’s talk, where he detailed how to measure successful automation implementation in your factory setting. I liked how he highlighted the full solution of AMRs, rather than using them as just a tool in your factory. I highly suggest you attend the conference next year as well.
  2. Facing the Future Cover Story (on page 12)
    Another strong article that was close to my heart was the “Facing the Future” article, written by Machine Design’s Senior Content Editor, Bob Vavra. In beautiful graphic form, the article highlights key metrics for engineering careers, including job satisfaction, salary, labor shortages, and COVID-19 impacts. This article will be really helpful for those in the engineering field to compare their own situation with others, for better or for worse. I feel strongly that with the current shortages in engineering talent, now is the time to make hay if you aren’t satisfied with your current lot. One other thing that jumped out at me was the chart regarding technologies and how they impact designs on page 15.

    I was really surprised by how diverse the answers were. I thought for sure there would be some really obvious highflyers, but that really wasn’t the case.

The Machine Design December 2021 issue packs a great punch in 36 pages. With any magazine, there are plenty of product advertisements, but I think in our industry, this is a huge bonus. By the time I’m done reading the magazine, I am up to date on the latest releases of new products since, by default, they are aggregated for me in the issue. The articles are rich and well thought out.

I recommend anyone in the machine design or build business subscribe right away so you can read the full articles instead of just reading my pontifications.

Scott Baxter, Sales and Business Development Manager, PEKO Precision Products

About the Author: Scott Baxter has spent over 12 years as the lead content writer at PEKO Precision Products. He has a passion for manufacturing which shines through his work and business relationships. He truly enjoys giving tours of the PEKO facility, as well as finding solutions for customers to help their businesses grow. At home, he loves making sure his three kids play outside and at work, he loves giving advice that helps machinery and equipment project stakeholders bring their products to market. Connect with Scott on LinkedIn.

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