PEKO University

ROCHESTER, NY (October 5, 2021) – PEKO Precision Products is excited to announce the launch of PEKO University, a new, on-the-job educational training and employee skills development program designed to help PEKO Machinists, including new hires and existing PEKO employees, excel in their job and improve their machining knowledge and skills.

The PEKO University pilot program initiated on September 20th and will run for an initial 6-month trial. This new educational program is exclusively available to PEKO employees and will support our vision to:

  • Inform, educate, and inspire employees to reach their professional goals,
  • Create and foster a work environment that challenges and supports employees,
  • Offer development opportunities that enhance knowledge, develop skills, and improve both individual and organizational productivity, and
  • Provide employees with the tools to effectively respond to customers’ needs as well as current and future demands.

“PEKO University is intended to strengthen our workforce by providing a high-quality, accessible educational development program with a comprehensive technology-based curriculum that advances the knowledge and skills of our machining employees through classroom instruction and hands-on learning” according to Brett Guerin, Manufacturing Engineer and Technology Instructor.

Take your career to the next level at PEKO University. Apply for a job at PEKO today for the chance to be a part of this new educational program!

Download PDF: PEKO Launches PEKO University

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