ROCHESTER, NY – PEKO Precision Products is excited to announce a new, interactive virtual tour of its state-of-the-art manufacturing campus in Rochester, NY.

In this first phase of PEKO’s virtual tour initiative, you will get to see 60,000 sq ft. out of PEKO’s total 350,000 sq ft. of manufacturing space. This phase of the virtual tour includes three of our key facilities, including:

  • Large Boring & Gantry Machining Rooms: PEKO’s large machining area is where precision structures, assemblies, and large CNC machined parts are made. The clean and controlled environment in these machining rooms enables complex parts to be manufactured with incredible precision. PEKO’s large precision machining rooms comprise 25,000 sq ft. of space.
  • North & South Assembly Rooms: PEKO’s assembly areas are where precision defense assembly and top-level machinery and equipment assembly take place. Here, PEKO creates individual manufacturing cells for each customer, utilizing optimal assembly techniques and lean methodology practices. These two assembly rooms comprise a total of 35,000 sq ft.

PEKO’s virtual tour features a user-friendly interface similar to Google Earth with a 360-degree view, providing a great opportunity for prospective customers to see inside PEKO’s advanced center for technology development and product commercialization right from home on their computer screen.

This new virtual tour option can be advantageous to your project because it allows the user to review a Contract Manufacturers’ qualification and evaluate if the manufacturing environment is organized, orderly, clean, safe, and up to your standards, without the need for an in-person facility tour.

“In preparation for a new business travel landscape, PEKO is bringing our in-person tour right to the customer with our innovative virtual tour experience,” says Scott Baxter, Manager of Business Development and Marketing.

In the future, PEKO will be expanding upon this initiative to include its entire 8-building campus. This will allow customers to make more timely and informed decisions when deciding to outsource to a contract manufacturer and determining who their ideal partner is.

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