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ROCHESTER, NY – While wind energy may have only represented about 8.4% of total U.S. electricity generation last year, it is estimated to represent 20% of all energy in the country by 2030. Furthermore, PEKO stands ready to help companies commercialize wind energy equipment to capitalize on this growing market as a full-service contract manufacturer.

Wind Energy Equipment

PEKO works with leading providers of wind turbines of various shapes, forms, and placements. Whether on land or offshore, PEKO partners with clients to bring new systems to market by providing deep knowledge and experience in order to help advance renewable energy innovation.

Key aspects of PEKO’s manufacturing readiness, all under one roof, are:

  • New Product Introduction Engineering & Onboarding: PEKO’s team of engineers and manufacturing personnel provide a full range of manufacturing readiness support like ensuring the design is consistent with manufacturing best practices, that there is a testing plan in place, and that DFMA has been applied to the design – all essential considerations in the early phases of product development.
  • Manufacturing Plans: Amid heated competition for investments, grants and other funding, a manufacturing plan is essential to securing backing. As a credible contract manufacturer, PEKO can prepare clients with a long-term manufacturing road map which can be a critical advantage when investors are doing their due diligence.
  • Scale-Up Capabilities: Wind energy systems have massive potential, and clients want to capitalize on the opportunities. PEKO can put clients in the best position to scale because of its throughput and ability to keep up with even the most aggressive projections. With PEKO, even when a huge order comes in, production won’t be an issue.

“Working with innovators to launch machinery and equipment that will help our country overcome the challenges presented by dependence on fossil fuels and other traditional energy sources is such an important part of our business,” said James Dawson, PEKO’s Mechanical Engineering Manager. “We’re honored to work with companies at the forefront of energy breakthroughs by providing the manufacturing services they need to bring their technology to life without having to make large capital expenditures.”

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