ROCHESTER, NY (August 3, 2021) – PEKO is excited to announce the acquisition of the Kitamura Mycenter-HX500i, a mid-sized CNC horizontal machining center, to add to its expansive 300,000 sq ft manufacturing facility. This equipment is a hand scraped box way machine that has been engineered to outperform linear rail machines in speed and stability and will allow PEKO to run jobs for its customers with virtually no setup time.

The Mycenter-HX500i machining system features a range of modern advanced technologies, including an 8-station pallet storage pool and a high-capacity 150 tool storage system. These features allow several part numbers to remain in a state of virtual readiness. By scheduling a part number to run, the machine will automatically call in the pallet and begin the machining process.

While the machine is processing one part number, any other pallet can be called to a load station where the machine operator can remove finished product, load new blanks, or begin a new setup. The machine can be scheduled to run a defined quantity of a part number or scheduled to run a variety of part numbers in a particular sequence. It also features a high-capacity data server program storage.

This machine can handle parts up to 43” in height, 31.5” in diameter, and 1,760lbs in weight per pallet. It has X-axis travel of 34”, a Y-axis travel of 28”, a Z-axis travel of 26”, as well as a 360-degree 4th axis capability.

The addition of this CNC milling machine to its fleet of 100+ machines will enable PEKO to improve its operational efficiency in its endeavors to manufacture new, groundbreaking technology and equipment for OEMs, startups, and other innovators.

“The Kitamura HX500i CNC Mill is a highly-capable machine that has proven to be fast, accurate, and reliable.” says PEKO’s Manufacturing Program Manager, John Fritsch. “The continuous influx of new machining assets like this will continue to set PEKO apart as the contract manufacturing partner of choice for innovative OEMs.”

PEKO plans to continue this equipment acquisition initiative over the next few years to improve and expand upon its turnkey manufacturing capabilities.

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